Monday, March 21, 2016

CHAMPIONS!!! HK Partizan - Crvena Zvezda 3:2


We won!!!
Amazing, incredible, fantastic, unbelievable!!!
Before the game we warmed up. Even the greatest champions have to warm up. No warm up, no championship title.

(photo: Twitter)

Again I brought quite a number of screenshots, as usual

Ready for the Big Battle
(photo: Facebook/Savez hokeja na ledu Srbije)

You know it’s something significant when the puck is dropped by a Partizan-legend
(photo: Facebook/Savez hokeja na ledu Srbije)

The first period was about fighting and hitting each other. There were no goals, only slaps and smacks.

Nemanja Janković is about to go to the penalty box for 2 minutes

In the 11th minute a Zvezda-player, namely Crnogorac hit the pale with his face during a group fight. He looked awful, half his face was covered with blood, he was taken off the rink immediately. (Then not much later he asked for his stick and came back, with that ruined face of his.)
Trifonov had fantastic saves. We can thank him that we survived all power-plays with no goal. Even the Captain had to go to the penalty box among others. After the (n+1)th group fight the referee waved him to go out to the box for two minutes. Milovanović looked puzzled, he was just shrugging, probably asking "why the hell", but there’s no remedy against police force, he had to sit down for two minutes.

At the end of the period we had two great chances. Average Fan screamed "goooaaaaal" at both, but both of them were just these "almost-goals". It was always about a millimetre or two, still Zvezda could survive both times.

The first period ended with 0:0.

Krivov discussing something with the teammate before the second period

At the beginning of the first part we had another great chance, again missing only with a millimetre.

Marko Brkušanin

Boris Gabrić getting a two-minute penalty after knocking out a Zvezda-player (after this they were in double power-play - no, they couldn’t take advantage of it)

We kept the opponent under heavy pressure. Zvezda could barely get to our goal line. Their team captain found himself at our half around the 7th minute, but Trifonov quickly inactivated him.
For the second part of the period the pace slowed down. Zvezda had some attempts, but Trifonov was always at his place.

Aleksei Trifonov

Komazec tells the referee what to do, how and especially with whom

Then he suggested the same amusement for the opponent - you can’t say Komazec is not concerned with the pyhsical and mental well-being of those in his surroundings

Only 55 seconds were left from the period when Zvezda took the lead. It was all out of the blue. They came up and scored. That was the end of the second part, 0:1.

Fight with clenched teeth - Dimitrije Filipović, behind him Marko Brkušanin
(photo: Facebook/Savez hokeja na ledu Srbije)

The third period brought another load of fight.

Then in the 5th minute we equalized with Zhukov’s genious goal.

This goal sped up the team. The match became more spectacular and exciting. We attacked, then in the 14th minute we took the lead. Vlasov demonstrated the newest tricks of escape acts (if I could see well, Szabados pushed him to the pale), then he ruthlessly shot and scored.

At this point everyone was wet from sweat. Average Fan watched the clock only, desperately couting down the seconds. Only three minutes left, only two minutes left, hang in there, boys, it’s almost the end...
...and Zvezda equalized only one and a half minutes before the end buzz.
No. Just no. Impossible.

I wish ArenaSport’s commentator a brutal diarrhea with heavy griping pains, possibly during live broadcast. Thank you.

It ended with 2:2.
Extra time.
And golden goal.
Because in the 3rd minute of the extra time Milovanović got the puck and mercilessly shot, Filipović just pushed it into the net with a delicate movement.
We won!!!!!
WE WON!!!!!

The entire team rushed to join the fans in celebrating

(photos: Facebook/Savez hokeja na ledu Srbije)

Time for scream, time for group hug, even for some tears of joy
(photo: Twitter)

(photo: Facebook/Savez hokeja na ledu Srbije)

It was time even for firecrackers

...and torches

"Who’s the best?! Who’s the best?!"
You are the best, Nenad Raković :)
(photos: Twitter)

Then it was time for the official ceremony. Team Captain Marko Milovanović was handed the cup.

Loud celebration (right in front of the opponent, possibly as loud as you can)

...joined by the one and only Miša Tumbas, who was there, of course, to support the team
(photos: Facebook/Savez hokeja na ledu Srbije)


The cup is for the fans, too
(photo: Twitter)

Finally, the match highlights (as well as mocking the eternal opponent):

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