Saturday, March 19, 2016

HK Partizan - Crvena Zvezda 6:1 (play-off, 3rd game)

Victory!!! What a victory!!!
Fantastic, amazing, incredible, confident, smooth, when the only question is how many more goals we should score to them.
We slid out to the rink and tore their faces off.

I brought lots of screenshots, these are from the warming-up

Team captain Marko Milovanović

Head coach Nikola Bera

This is one of the rare non-screenshots: group hug before face-off
(photo: Facebook/Hokej savez na ledu Srbije)

Fan banner: Nemate pare, imate nas! (You have no money, but you have us!)
(photo: Twitter)

Face-off: the puck was dropped by Partizan’s legendary goaltender Rašid Šemsedinović

The game almost started with a fight, after a Zvezda-player mocked Gavrić. This time the pace wasn’t that fast, compared to the previous two matches. Both sides were trying, attacking, Trifonov had some great saves.

To hell with these names. I failed to write correctly at least two, but possibly even three players’ names. Apologies to all whom it may concern. After I finished this post, I go back to my previous ice hockey reports and correct them all.

Nevertheless we scored our first goal after 3 minutes. Captain Milovanović personally took control over things when he got the puck after the great teamwork of Filipović and Janković.

Victorious high five with everyone on the bench

The goal made us even more fierce, while Zvezda was at a loss. They could barely get to our goal area, their only luck was that their defense line blocked our attempts relatively successfully. There was only one moment when they dangerously approached our goal line. There were approx. 9 minutes left from the first period. There was an upheaval in Partizan’s goalmouth, then the camera showed goalkeeper Trifonov laying on the rink with a Zvezda-player topping him, while a Partizan-defender (probably Srđan Ristić) threw himself into the way of the puck to keep it away from our goal line.
He succeeded.

The moment before the upheaval. Ristić raises his stick, while Krivov is arriving from the other side

After this we ruthlessly scored our second goal. Čuković was the goal scorer, assisted by Zhukov.

Hands up in the air...

...the entire bench is on their feet...

...Čuković arriving for high fiving

And this was just the beginning. In the 12th minute Ristić forwarded the puck to Ogrizović, Ogrizović wasted no time, shot and scored. 3:0!!!

Ogrizović with Luković behind him

Only 10 seconds were left from the first period when Vlasov scored our 4th goal, because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Zvezda tried in the second period, too, without any success. Interesting that the 10th minute of the second part brought the first penalty. A Zvezda-player made Gabrić trip, he ended up sulking on the penalty bench for 2 minutes.

Komazec arrives at Partizan’s bench for a short rest

There were fights, but none of them ended up in a major battle

Mass scene at Partizan’s goalmouth

Then in the 11th minute Zubov scored our 5th goal.

For the end of the second period Zvezda got into double power-play but they couldn’t take advantage of it.

Brkušanin was one of the players who had to stay off the rink for two minutes

Penalty is over, Marko Brkušanin in da house

Anton Zhukov after the second period

Boban "Hitman" Čuković before the third period

Aleksa Luković (#13) is watching

Face-off before the 3rd period, Vlasov goes for the puck

Partizan-bench during the 3rd period: Aleksa Luković (#13) and Dragan Komazec (#15)

In the last part Zvezda switched to full speed to be able to score a goal. They were so successful about it, that Ogrizović scored our 6th goal in the 9th minute.

Ogrizović (25) almost falls into the box together with the puck...


Zvezda could finally score one single goal in the 14th minute, but it didn’t matter.
We won. And we could celebrate.

The third game will be on Sunday, from 17:30. If we win that game, we'll be the champions.
Here is the postscript: this (most probably) screenshot was uploaded to HK Partizan’s FB-page. Boban Čuković said thank you to the fans for the support.

"Thank you, Grave Diggers, for the utmost support. Together for the title!"
(source: Facebook/Hokejaški klub Partizan (Fan page))

Last but not least, massive ecstasy at the end of the match.

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