Tuesday, March 22, 2016

RLK Partizan - Crvena Zvezda 20:30

I got to know about this game by chance. As usual, nobody ever mentioned it ever.
And we lost, too. In a twisted way.

Again I brought screenshots about the match

Early in the first half Zvezda had a successful try (0:6). We fought hard, we had heavy clashes, and then we could finally earn a try (4:6).

Jašari doing the conversion kick after the try

A bit later we took the lead with a giant touchdown.

The problem was that Zvezda took back the lead in the very last minute of the first half (8:12).
In the second half we were struggling. The opponent was leading to 8:18, when we could make a successful try (12:18). Right after that the difference was back to 10 points (12:22). Then the referee invalidated our touchdown, that touchdown we could earn so hard.
Right after this a Zvezda-player grabbed the ball, ran through the forest of shocked Partizan-players and threw the ball to our area with a nasty grin. 12:28, then conversion, 12:30. It just can’t be.
The rest of the game was spent with bitter fight and heavy Zvezda-pressure. For the end we were stuck behind our 22-metre-line. Perhaps that was our luck. Because in the last few minutes someone from us grabbed the ball. The entire Partizan started to run up and we made a fantastic try that was thankfully validated by the referee. (16:30).
At the very end we made the same scenario, but we had time only to reduce the difference to 10 points. (20:30)

(photo: ragbiligesrbije.rs)

(photo: b92.net)

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