Sunday, March 13, 2016

Metaloplastika - RK Partizan 27:26 (superliga, round 17)

I’d start it with a question: who did this? (And who allowed it to be uploaded?)
These match reports are the basis of my blogposts about handball. If they look this terrible, then how should fans get informed about what was going on at the game - because we can’t rely on any sports media, only the handwritten, cell-phone-photographed and uploaded reports of the association.
Anyway, I downloaded it and could make it more or less readable, thanks to GIMP Image Editor. But all those who tried to access via cell phone were surely cursing loud.
We were defeated by one goal. One goddamned goal in the very last minute.
We were leading for most of the first half. Our advantage was not much, only 1 goal, then the home team took the lead in the last 8 minutes. We were still behind them continuously. The standing was 15:15, when Metaloplastika scored probably seconds before the end buzz. 16:15 was the half-time result.
The second half was approx. the same as the first. We equalized, then it was the well-known ping-pong-game: one goal here, equal, one goal there, equal, one goal here, equal, etc.

The battle of two raging giants. There could be a big fight on the court, that’s when I feel sorry that nobody broadcasted.

The end was the same as of the first half. The standing was 26:26, only 3 minutes were left. Metaloplastika scored in the very last minute and we probably had no time to equalize.
Three of us scored six goals tonight: Nemanja Živković, Mihajlo Radojković and Igor Mršulja. Stevan Sretenović, Lazar Kukić and Ivan Popović scored 2-2 goals, while Mijat Perunčić and Živan Pešić added 1-1.
Photos from the game:


League table comes later, there’s one more match left from this round that will be played next Wednesday.

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