Monday, March 14, 2016

Ragbi Klub Partizan - Dorćol 30:20 (1st league, round 2)

The first round started right with the eternal derby, but I lacked, still lack any kind of report about it. I found only a photo report that I shared earlier on the blog’s Facebook-page. Now we have a real report, thanks to

At the beginning of the game Dorćol attacked heavier and after 10 minutes they were leading to 0:6. It wasn’t easy to break out of their pressure, but Partizan is Partizan, not a bunch of prissies to get scared and run away. We took a deep breath, attacked and in the 17th minute Vladimir Milutinović had a successful try (4:6). In the 25th minute Dragan Janković made the same, followed by the perfectly precise conversion by Jašari. Aaaand, we were leading (10:6).
What is more, the Janković-Jašari duo did the very same in the 33rd minute. Janković had a successful try, Jašari put the dot on the "i" with his conversion, making us lead to 16:6. That was the result of the half-time, too.
In the second half we took control over the game. In the 48th minute Vlado Kušić made a try (20:6). Dorćol earned 6 points in the 56th minute (20:12), but Kušić brought us 4 more (24:12). The guests didn’t give it up either (24:16), but in the 69th minute Srbljanin and Jašari made it clear who’s the boss (30:16). At the very end, just two minutes before the final whistle Dorćol could earn 4 points, but the victory was clearly ours.


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