Tuesday, March 1, 2016

VK Jadran - VK Partizan 9:8 (Triglav Liga, Round 18)

This is the last match report I owe you from the week-end.

Though I’m not sure if there’s anyone who is yearning to read about another defeat. Okay, we had to fight without Gogov, Jakšić and Tanašković, what is more, Subotić was fouled out around the end.

Reports talk about an excellent game, where the end result was unsure until the end. Jadran was leading to 2:0 after 2 minutes. It didn’t look any better for the end of the quarter (4:2), then the home team was leading with 3 goals in the second part (5:2).
In the middle of the quarter something happened.
Ognjen Stojanović scored (5:3) and Partizan started a fantastic series. We didn’t stop until 5 goals! For the half time we reduced the difference to 5:4, then in the third quarter we scored 3 more goals and took the lead (5:7). Jadran could earn only one goal, we headed to the final part with 6:7.
Right at the beginning Jadran equalized (7:7). Subotić took the lead back to us (7:8), but the home team equalized again (8:8), then in the middle of the quarter they took back the lead for themselves (9:8). That didn’t change for the rest of the game.
The hero of the day was Ognjen Stojanović with 3 goals. He is followed by Gavril Subotić (2) as well as Gilen, Lazić and Vučinić (1-1).

Current standing of the League:
1. Dubrovnik 45 points
2. Primorje 42 points
3. Jadran 39 points
4. Partizan 21 points
5. Mladost 20 points
6. Mornar 16 points
7. Radnički 13 points
8. Vojvodina 12 points
9. POŠK 8 points

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