Sunday, March 13, 2016

OSC - VK Partizan 10:8 (Champions League, Round 7)

Not funny at all, believe me.
Even if this time the commentator was a relatively normal one

at least concerning water polo and regular pronunciation of Serbian names
okay, he constantly said "Vičo" instead of Vico, but at least he pronounced "Rističević" and "Subotić" correctly
yes, I’m a grammar nazi, so what?

named István Hajdú B. And even if one could hear the enthusiastic chanting and shouting of 3 (three) Grave Diggers from Nyéki Imre Pool through the TV and the constant murmuring of the commentator.

Greetings and respect to these three Partizan-fans. They were so great that even the commentator talked about them with appreciation.

 Rističević before the game

I have mostly screenshots, because all Hungarian media are a bunch of garbage, mentioning this game only "in brief"-style. The only exception was Nemzeti Sport Online.

The beginning was like a dream. Rističević had great saves, Gogov scored our first goal in the 3rd minute (0:1), approx. a minute later Partizan got a penalty. Subotić shot and scored (0:2).
Here came OSC’s first goal (1:2). Subotić scored another goal in the 5th minute (1:3). We dominated, everything looked fantastic.
OSC just had to get a penalty 6 seconds before the buzz.
The first quarter ended with 2:3.
Then came the second quarter and Drašović’s goal in the 4th minute (2:4). Afterwards OSC took advantage of a power play (3:4).
Then they equalized (4:4) even though Rističević had such saves that even the Hungarian commentator was amazed. While we were struggling. If it was not the goalpost or the crossbar we hit, then the goalkeeper saved our attempts. 4:4 was the half-time result, but at this point it already looked less and less happy.

Lukas Gilen

In the third quarter OSC took the lead in the beginning (5:4). We equalized from a penalty (5:5, Subotić), but the home team took the lead back soon (6:5). No problem, now Gilen scored the equalizing goal (6:6). But OSC just didn’t want to stop (7:6).
Vladimir Vujasinović asked for time-out and it could be heard through the TV that he yells off everyone separately as well as the entire team.
I’m sure he was totally right.

Players wilting down

It didn’t use much. OSC dominated more and more, we made mistakes that was painful to see, and the cold shower was the home team scoring their 9th goal only 1 (one!!!) second before the buzz.
The last quarter was about hitting the goalposts and the crossbar. Really. I don’t know why it is so that we kill the wooden goal pieces. If water polo was played for goalpost/crossbar-hitting instead of goals, we would have won this game with flying marks.
Instead we had a penalty (9:7, Subotić) and Jakšić’s great goal at the end (9:8).
And the coup de grace just before the end buzz. 10:8


Current standing of Group B:
1. Pro Recco 16 points
2. Dubrovnik 16 points
3. Szolnok 15 points
4. OSC 9 points
5. Partizan 6 points
6. Galatasaray 0 point

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