Saturday, March 5, 2016

VK Partizan - Mornar 5:6

We screwed it up. Okay, half the team is sick and/or injured. What is more, with this defeat we crawled back to the 5th place and if we don’t pick ourselves together for the last round on Sunday against POŠK, we can wave byebye to our chances to get to the Final Four.
Though we were leading at the beginning. It was 2:0 for us with the goals of Asanović and Subotić. Then something happened, because all of our attempts failed. We made a lot of mistakes and it always pays off.
So did it now. The opponent equalized in the last minute

don’t ask me how, I don’t even want to know

the first quarter ended with 2:2.
The second quarter could be awful. The guests seemed to hearten up, because they scored 3 goals, then rolled down the shutters and sent us evil grinnings, while we were struggling. The half-time standing was 2:5.
For the third quarter we came back to life. Most important was that we got no goals - the guests kept on hitting the crossbar -, yet we could score one (by Đorđe Lazić).

Reports say it was high time to do so, after we missed out five (!!!) chances.

For the last quarter Mornar got fed up with our fumbling. They jumped to 3:6 and it all looked to be very sad. Asanović scored two goals, but we had no time to equalize.

Mateja Asanović some time during the game

At the moment the league table looks like this:

1. Jug Dubrovnik 48 points
2. Primorje 45 points
3. Jadran HN 39 points
4. Mladost 23 points
5. Partizan 21 points
6. Mornar 19 points
7. Radnički 13 points
8.  Vojvodina 12 points
9. POŠK 8 points

So, if we want to qualify to the Final Four, on one hand we must knock out POŠK tomorrow, also Mladost (4th place) must get defeated by Radnički. (Mladost’s goal difference is 146:146, ours is 142:126).

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