Sunday, March 13, 2016

FK Partizan - FK Voždovac 3:0 (superliga, round 26)

We won!
It feels so strange to write it down after who knows how many lost matches.

By the way, prevention is better than cure, I made myself a big cup of coffee before the match not to end up like last time.

The stadium was suspended again. It was a punishment after the eternal derby, when the game had to be paused numerous times for the heavy smoke fans made with firecrackers and torches.

When will these get suspended?... Seriously, when that day comes, I’ll open a champagne

On the other hand, fuck them, just FUCK THEM ALL, together with their rotten double standards. When fans are not allowed to enter the stadium, why is this disgusting, fat, pig-faced, lousy worm is allowed with his 138 000 din + 4000 euro salary?...

The match started the oddest possible way. Voždovac attacked and Gogoua carelessly passed the ball back to Šaranov. Our goalkeeper also didn’t waste time on thinking, just grabbed the ball.
Well, it was a big mistake.
The referee whistled, free kick inside the penalty area.

Has nobody told this guy NEVER EVER TO TOUCH THE BALL WITH HANDS when it’s passed back to him, even if nuclear bombs are dropping form the sky?...

The entire Partizan lined up on the goal. Marinković shot, and even though he missed it out, he hit Stevanović so hard with the ball that the midfielder fell on the ground with a painful face. The guests had another attempt in the 5th minute, Ćirković ran up with the ball on the right side. Šaranov ran out of the goalmouth and had a great save.
In the 10th minute we got a free kick 30-35 metres from the goal line, in the middle. Jevtović shot, the goalkeeper saved. A minute later we got a corner kick. Mihajlović sent it in, Brašanac pushed it with his head - right into the box! 1:0!


In the 15th minute, after a free kick

there were a lot of fouls, someone was always rolling on the ground from pain. It all made the game a bit fragmented

we possessed the ball. Mihajlović crossed it from the left to the middle, where Brašanac was waiting for it. He shot, the ball hit a defender and just barely missed the goal. It was very close to an own goal.
In the 22nd minute Stevanović arrived on the right side. He crossed to the middle, Saša Ilić got it. The Captain shot, the goalkeeper had a big save.
A miracle happened in the 25th minute.
We got a penalty kick.
Mihajlović was pushed to the ground by a defender inside the penalty area. The referee immediately pointed at the white spot. Stevanović stood behind the ball.
Here another miracle happened.
Stevanović scored.
Yes. Him. From penalty. 2:0!!!


In the 31st minute again Stevanović crossed from the right to the middle. First Saša Ilić shot, but he was blocked by defenders. The ball dropped to Brašanac, he shot, too, but it was too wide. A minute later Jevtović had a try and shot from the distance, it was too high.
We continuously attacked, Voždovac was stuck in their half. They could break free and reach our penalty area in the 37th minute. Marinković crossed to Odita from the left, but Šaranov deactivated them in time.
Here the pace slowed down a bit. Finally Marinković had a sudden, distant shot in the 43rd minute. Šaranov saved. Then we had two attempts, first Brašanac sent a flat shot to the goal line (too wide), then Mihajlović kicked the ball towards the box from the distance (too high).
At the very end Šaranov still did everything to tear my nerves to pieces. He wanted to make a goal-kick, but instead of downfield he shot it right into Odita, who was standing there just two steps away from Partizan’s goalkeeper. The ball made a dangerous curve, finally it flew out of the field.
The second half started right with Gogoua’s last-moment-save from Odita. Then nothing happened until the 57th minute, when we got a corner-kick. Brašanac possessed the ball, standing right at the goalmouth. He shot, but instead of the box he hit the goalkeeper and the ball flew out above the crossbar. Corner-kick, Kosović headed it towards the goal, but the ball hit a defender, earning us another corner-kick.
In the 60th minute again Šaranov had his moment. A cross arrived from the left, Odita was there waiting for it to shoot it right into the net. Šaranov wanted to save, but instead of the ball he grabbed the air. For his (and our) great luck the ball rolled out of the baseline and the attempt ended in a corner-kick.
In the 64th minute Stevanović shot from the right side, but he was blocked by a defender. The ball dropped to Saša Ilić, he shot, too, the goalkeeper caught it.
Then came the 70th minute.
Then came Kosović.
He scored such a FANTASTIC goal, with such an amazing bicycle kick, that he MUST get the Puskás-award right now.
It was such a marvellous goal that even ArenaSport’s commentator said "bravo" afterwards.


In the 83rd minute Voždovac got a free kick approx. 22 metres from the goal. Marinković shot, making a goalmouth scramble, then Stojanović attempted with a heading, but it was too wide.
Then in the 86th minute something happened with Šaranov - nobody knew what it could be, because everyone else was at the other side of the field around Voždovac’s penalty area. Partizan’s goalkeeper was waving to the medicals to come, because he needed attendance. The only info source says that he was "not well", then the doctor gave him something to take or eat (probably vitamines or dextrose) then the game continued.
For the very end we had one spectacular attack left, then Mihajlović got the pass. He shot, but it was too high.

40-minute-long highlights by SOS Kanal:


Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: -
Referee: Nenad Đokić (assistant: Vladimir Jovanović, Goran Stanojević - 4th assistant: Vladimir Šegrt - goal line assistants: Dejan Filipović, Dejan Dimitrijević)

FK Partizan: Šaranov - Bandalovski, Gogoua, Jovanović, Bogosavac - Brašanac, Jevtović, Kosović (Lukić, 71.) - Stevanović (Golubović, 82), S. Ilić (Bojinov, 75.), Mihajlović
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

FK Voždovac: Popović - Terzić, Mihajlov, Ivković, Puzigaća - Pavlović, Radin - Ćirković (Stojanović, 59.), Marinković (Damjanović, 84.), Krasić (Asani, 76.) - Odita
Head coach: Bratislav Živković

Goal scorers: Brašanac (11.), Stevanović (25. - pen.), Kosović (70.)
Yellow card: Marinković (12.), Kosović (17.), Terzić (55.), Ivković (70.)

League table will be brought tomorrow.
Update: current championship standings*
1. CZ 71 points
2. Borac 43 points
3. Partizan 42 points
4. Čukarički 41 points
5. Radnički Niš 41 points
6. Vojvodina 39 points
7. FK Voždovac 36 points
8. Surdulica 34 points
9. Javor 31 points
10. Mladost 31 points
11. Metalac 28 points
12. Novi Pazar 28 points
13. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 23 points
14. OFK Beograd 23 points
15. Jagodina 22 points
16. Rad 21 points

*Novi Pazar - cz and Mladost - Čukarički are postponed

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