Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spartak Vojput - RK Partizan 24:24 (play-off, 1st match)

I always think that I reached the bottom line with amateurism, then a shocking new experience makes me sure that there is always an even lower line.
This game was announced to broadcast for 19:00 at the superliga’s website.
For 19:00 the game was finished long ago.
Congratulations. Well done.
(I lost a few million brain cells for sure.)
We played a draw with Subotica which is definitely not a bad result, concerning Spartak being involved in international competitions until now, they returned to the Serbian domestic league only for the play-off.
The beginning wasn’t easy and it continued not to be easy. Spartak played with big advantage for quite a while. The standing was 10:4 in the 20th minute, when we started to reduce the difference slowly but surely. We equalized in the last minute of the first half (12:12), then we could have a well-earned rest.
The second half brought a more balanced game. Both teams kept on scoring, but the difference was always just one goal. If one of them scored, the other quickly equalized. Spartak could gain a very little advantage in the 51st minute - not much, only 2 goals, but we didn’t allow them to run away. Živković was heroically scoring throughout the entire game, and here, at the end it was him (together with Mršulja and Sretenović) who kept the pace with the Subotica-based team. Živković equalized in the 58th minute (24:24), making it the end result as well.
The hero of the day is Nemanja Živković, that’s beyond question, with his 10!!! goals. The others, Sretenović and Kukić scored 4-4 goals. They are followed by Pešić and Mršulja (2-2) as well as Radojković and Makšić (1-1).
Photos from the match:

Mršulja is pulled from different sides

"Thou shall not pass!" Sretenović blocking Spartak’s player

Home players try to hold back Pešić

Pižurica surrounded by defenders...

...while later him and Maksić are trying to block the opponent
(photos: Facebook/Super Rukometna Liga Srbije)

There’s one game left from this round, so play-off table will be brought only afterwards.
Update: the standing of the play-off after the first round
1. CZ 2 points
2. Metaloplastika 2 points
3. Partizan 1 point
4. Spartak Vojput 1 point
5. Vojvodina 0 point
6. Sloga 0 point

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