Thursday, March 17, 2016

Niš - OK Partizan 1:3 (play-off, quarterfinal)

This is the moment when I’m about to explode.
That’s one thing that I got informed belatedly about this game. But the fact that I knew NOTHING about the previous game, which was the last one in the regular season, that’s more than tragic, seriously. Sometimes I think we should demolish the entire volleyball association, then plough up the place where it was built and throw salt onto the soil. Afterwards we would start it over, based on professional principles, privatizing it from A to Z and I fucking don’t care about that vagina-mouthed idiot, who does not allow to enact the rule about the privatization of sport clubs.
As for the last game of the regular season, we got defeated from Spartak Ljig to 3:0, but we could still get into the play-off.

At the first game of the play-off we had a nice sight-seeing tour at Niš, including stepping over the home team easily. Niš played with surprisingly many mistakes, and we took advantage of them, as it has to be done. In the first set they kept themselves though, winning it to 25:23.

The official report says that we could have actually won even this first set, but at 23:23 we had an imprecise service and we paid the price for that.

Then they didn’t anymore.
They could have a significant collapse, because we won the second set to 15:25 (!!!) with Kostić’s brutal services. The third part wasn’t any better for them, but for us. Lopar too the team on his back and we won it to 19:25. The last set was a marching parade for us with a smooth 14:25.
The return match will be on Saturday starting at 17:00. Upon the rules of the play-off we have to win at least twice to be able to qualify to the next round.


OK Niš: Pejčić, Kubrović, Perović (7), Jelić, Stojković (7), Kostadinović (libero), Pržić (8), Mijalković (7), Opačić (17), Angelovski (libero), Ilić, Jović
Head coach: Saša Stefanović

OK Partizan: Buša (13), Pantić (13), Nedeljković, Žugić, Lopar (10), Kostić (5), Rajković (libero), Jokanović, Veličković (18), Polomac (8), Popović, Perišić
Head coach: Vladimir Vasović

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