Wednesday, March 9, 2016

2 in 1 - handball and water polo

I almost forgot about these two matches played in the previous week-end. Apologies from everyone. You get the two in one blogpost.

In the 16th round of the handball superliga Partizan welcomed Radnički in the Banjica sports hall. The game was very easy, despite the guests took the lead in the beginning with two goals (0:2), we equalized for the 5th minute, and two minutes later Maksić took us the lead (3:2). From then on we kept our advantage for the very end of the game. We were leading always with 4-5-6 goals, what is more, in the half time we were ahead with 10 (!!!) goals (24:14). We kept this pace in the second half as well, our advantage was 10 goals a couple of times, finally we won "only" with a 9-goal-advantage (41:30).
The hero of the day was Aleksa Maksić, scoring 7 goals. He is followed by Nemanja Živković (6), Lazar Kukić (5), Stevan Sretenović, Mihajlo Radojković and Živan Pešić (4-4), Igor Mršulja (3), Matija Pižurica, Darko Stevanović and Ivan Popović (2-2) as well as Mihajlo Stošljević (1).
Photos from the match:

Ivan "The Terrible" Popović

Lazar Kukić

Kukić rising up into the skies

Matija Pižurica

The unstoppable Captain

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 26 points
2. Metaloplastika 24 points
3. Sloga 22 points
4. Partizan 21 points
5. Požarevac 18 points
6. Jugović 17 points
7. Morava 14 points
8. Rudar 9 points
9. Radnički 8 points
10. Železničar 1 point


In the last (20th) round of Triglav Liga Croatian team POŠK was Partizan’s guests. The game was important for us

yes, yes, I know, every game is important for us, but this one was especially important

because if we can win over POŠK, and at the same time Mladost gets beaten by Radnički, then we can qualify to the Final Four of the league.
In short: we couldn’t.
Even though we tore POŠK to small pieces (it ended with 15:4 for us), the Zagreb-based Mladost also won against Radnički

honestly, the chance for Radnički to win was less than minimal

therefore Triglav Liga has ended for us for this season.
The game itself meant no difficulties for us. Vladimir Vujašinović tried out a few young players at certain places, e.g. our goalkeeper was the young talent Lazar Brakočević instead of Dimitrije Rističević. In the first quarter the Croatians just kindly assisted for us while we kept on scoring (we threw 6 goals in the first part). They made it then to our goalmouth (it wasn’t that easy for them) only 2 seconds before the end buzz, and they took advantage of their chance and scored (6:1).
We slowed down in the second quarter, because it’s not nice to be a rude host, not even letting the guests breathe. POŠK scored two goals, but still, we had to make sure who rules the roost - we also scored two goals, the half time ended with 8:3.
After the break it was time to take control of the events. We ran through the Croatians like a steam roller and scored 3 goals. We were leading to 11:3, then came the final part.
The last quarter was in fact a formality. Croatians scored one more goal, we did four, then at the very end junior national team member Marko Kruška debuted as our goalkeeper.
The hero of the day was Filip Radojević with 3 goals, followed by Gavril Subotić, Radomir Drašović and Danilo Adžić (2-2) as well as Lukas Gilen, Draško Gogov, Marko Janković, Đorđe Vučinić and Mateja Asanović (1-1).

Triglav Liga regular season end result:
1. Jug Dubrovnik 51 points
2. Primorje 51 points
3. Jadran HN 42 points
4. Mladost 29 points
5. Partizan 27 points
6. Mornar 22 points
7. Radnički 13 points
8. Vojvodina 12 points
9. POŠK 11 points

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