Thursday, December 17, 2015

VK Partizan - OSC Budapest 5:4 (Champions League, Round 4)

What a game it was.
Hungarian opponent, Hungarian broadcast, Hungarian TV-presenter broke the remains of my nerves to pieces (the football game in the afternoon killed most of my nerve cells, I had only one nerve fibre left - I don't know who was the presenter tonight, Dániel Mezei or Gábor P. Fülöp, it doesn't really matter, but whomever it was, he was dancing on that one remaining line of my nerve cells - and he was paid for this, with tax payers' money, you get what I mean).

By the way, there was surely something in the air. My net connection was on the verge of death all day long, it still is even now, as I'm typing this blogpost. Then the TV broadcast died, too, not just once. Either the screen blacked out or the broadcast was lagging. This goddamned state-owned sports channel was made from 80 billion HUF (253 million euros), 80 billion crispy, state-owned HUF. And that's all you can bring out of it. Congratulations.
Other than this, I'd kindly like to ask all those in charge: what the hell do you think who'll be interested in the pathetic failure of the Hungarian female handball team on the world cup right before a water polo match? Who on earth would be interested in the 623rd whining and complaining about how it should have been done? Who?...
Go to hell, all of you, together with your 80 bn TV channel.

All right. Cut. Banjica swimming pool, at long last. The boys splash into the water, Rističević immediately had a great save.

The Hungarian presenter should very quickly find himself a good speech/language therapist, because he continuously misspelled the Serbian players’ names. That’s one thing he called Rističević first as "Čičević" (where the heck did that come from?...), but even for the rest of the game he called Partizan’s goalkeeper "rishtishevich" (I wrote it with English spelling, so it might be easy for all of you to see). Subotić was his other victim, he called the top goal scorer either "shubotich" or "subotits". Facepalm. Facepalm. Facepalm.

We had a counter-attack, Asanović shot, Bisztritsányi saved.

Had Bisztritsányi not been the goalkeeper of OSC, we would have won over them with more than 10 goals for sure. I very much hope the entire team bowed down for him after the match.

But Rističević was again the MVP of the game. He quickly saved a shot, then our defense line blocked another and we could swim up for a counter-attack. Gogov got the ball, he shot and scored Partizan’s first goal. 1:0, at almost the half of the quarter.
At the very end Decker scored from power play - between these two goals we hit the goalposts and the crossbar countless times, while Partizan’s defense (including of course Rističević) did a top quality job.
In the second quarter OSC got into power play, but Rističević shut down the shutters, hanged out the "Closed" sign and saved the attempts of the opponent. Not just this one, but all of them in this quarter as well as in the next one, no matter if OSC happened to be in power play or not. We made a counter-attack, Stojanović got the ball, shot and scored. 2:1
What is more, Jakšić immediately scored another! 3:1!!!
The only happening left for the first half was that Jakšić wanted to just drop the ball with a delicate movement into OSC’s net, but someone from the opponent literally stole the ball off from his hand. At the very end, only 2 seconds were left, when Rističević threw the ball and almost scored a goal.
In the third quarter Rističević presented the trick of "saving a shot from 1 cm".

I almost got a cardial arrest. First from the attack itself, then as Partizan's goalkeeper saved, a big load rolled off my mind (and heart). All glories to Dimitrije Rističević.

Partizan counter-attack, and Stojanović scored from an amazing, impossible cannon shot. He was just swinging and swinging the ball, then BANG, and 4:1!!!
OSC tried with full-pool press, with no success, while we kept on hitting the goalpost/crossbar.
Then came the last quarter. OSC picked themselves together. They scored a goal (after 2 quarters...), then almost immediately another one. 4:3 Meanwhile they desperately attacked, just they forgot about Gilen, who scored a huge goal from power play. 5:3
Rističević... Rističević came from another planet.


At the end OSC pushed one more goal into our net (5:4). They visibly wanted to earn at least a draw - well, guys, I have bad news for you. It should have come to your mind earlier than the last quarter.


Oh, and the final punch line.
End of the match, Hungarian TV-presenter says with a bit of shocked voice: "Partizan-players looked at Vujasinović as if he was God."

Current standing of Group B:
1. Pro Recco 12 points
2. Szolnok 9 points
3. Dubrovnik 9 points
4. Partizan 6 points
5. OSC 0 point
6. Galatasaray 0 point