Sunday, December 13, 2015

Jugović - RK Partizan 21:21 (superliga, round 12)

The handball team had an excursion to Kać today to clash with Jugović. The home team used to have better days - in the previous season they even had the chance to get the championship title, while in the current one they have 5 victories, 5 defeats and (from now on) 2 draws, having their place at the lower side of the league table.
The game started very well. (Kać can be a beautiful town in Vojvodina, with atmospheric little streets. How nice it could be to have a walk before the match, maybe even drinking a coffee or something like that.) Our boys walked out to the court and the standing immediately became 0:4 (Kukić started, Živković scored two, then Popović also threw one). It all looked great, just Jugović equalized in the 17th minute (5:5). No problem, we took back the lead with Pižurica’s goal (5:6). We kept leading, sometimes the home team equalized (8:8 in the 27th minute, then 9:9 in the last one), then right before the buzz Živković and Mršulja quickly scored 1-1 goal, so we finished the first half with 9:11.
In the second half we kept the lead with much more confidence, then in the 41st minute, when the standing was 14:17, Jugović got into power play (Đuričić had to sit out to the bench for 2 minutes) and started to reduce the difference. Their player Beloš scored two goals, the standing was 16:17. Radojković quickly shot and scored (16:18), but from this point on the difference was much smaller and Jugović was right behind us with 1-2 goals only. Finally in the 54th minute they equalized (20:20) and even though Kukić scored one more goal (20:21), the home team equalized again in the 57th minute. For the rest of the game none of the teams could score.
The hero of the day was Lazar Kukić, who just turned 20 this Saturday - he celebrated his birthday with 8 goals. He is followed by Nemanja Živković (5), Ivan Popović (4), Igor Mršulja (2) as well as Matija Pižurica and Mihajlo Radojković (1-1).

Photos will be available probably later, as soon as I find any, I update the post.

Update: photos

Popović is about to tear the net of the home team to pieces

Hero of the day, Lazar Kukić

Đuričić is blocking

Pižurica vs. a home team player

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 21 points
2. Sloga 18 points
3. Partizan 16 points
4. Metaloplastika 16 points
5. Požarevac 14 points
6. Jugović 12 points
7. Rudar Kostolac 9 points
8. Morava 9 points
9. Radnički 4 points
10. Železničar 1949 1 point

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