Sunday, December 6, 2015

KK Partizan - Union Olimpija 76:74 (Adriatic League, Round 13)

The next was the basketball team in the long row of yesterday’s matches.

Warming up

(photos: Twitter)

Dino Murić (Edo’s brother, Union Olimpija’s player) was watching from the stands
(photo: Twitter)

The game started with Wilson’s mistake, guests took advantage of it and scored (0:4). Vitkovac equalized (4:4), so did Jones later (6:6). We even took the lead with Wilson’s free throw (8:6). Slovenians took it back (12:13), but we could turn back the standing to our side twice with Milutinović’s baskets. The quarter ended with 17:15.
The second quarter started with Vitkovac.

Even three opponent players couldn’t stop him

Partizan’s power forward scored twice, Aranitović followed his example (23:18). Olimpija asked for timeout, as a result they reduced their difference to 23:22. We answered with a 6-point series (29:22). Then Wilson scored again (31:23).

In the beginning of this week there have been rumours about Wilson and his weakening position in the team. News even talked about the possibility of a termination of his contract. Petar Božić said, Wilson’s fate would be decided in the upcoming games. After this the American pushed as hard as he could on this match - if I wanted to be ironic, I’d say he was playing this time just as he always should. (Yet the MVP of the game was not him.)


We kept our solid advantage (sometimes almost 9 points) for the rest of the second quarter with the baskets of Wilson, Vrabac and Marinković. We finished the first half with 39:32.

Children playing on the court in half-time
(photo: Twitter)

Our advantage grew into two-digit in the third quarter (44:34). Union reduced it to 44:39. At this point Đumić scored, then Slovenians sped up and took back the lead (46:47). Wilson took it back again (48:47). Guests threw a 3-pointer, Wilson equalized (50:50). Jones made a 4-point series (54:52) and then came the Vitkovac-Aranitović-Milutinović axis.

We finished the quarter with 56:54.


The beginning of the final quarter was about Petar Aranitović. We increased our difference to 61:57 with his scores.

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

The problem was that at 63:61 Union took the lead with a 3-pointer (63:64). Never mind, Aranitović took it back again (65:64). In the meantime Vitkovac was fouled out, the standing was switching in every second. Then at 68:69 Đumić made the world’s biggest dunk. (70:69)


Olimpija equalized again (72:72), there were only 53 seconds left.
Wilson. 74:72
Free throw for Olimpija. 74:74. Only 23 seconds left.

Defibrillator, sedative shot, rope with slipknot, coffin.

Wilson again. 76:74. 4 seconds left.
Olimpija desperately attacks. Everyone was watching the clock...
...end buzz. We won!!!

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

You can even watch the last nerve-racking seconds.


KK Partizan: Aranitović (7), Jones (10), Marinković (3), Vitkovac (13), Đumić (6), Perović, Magdevski, Milutinović (9), Glišić, Vrabac (5), Wilson (21), Anđušić (2)

Union Olimpija: Wright (5), Rupnik (2), Hrovat (6), Mesiček (12), Vučetić (1), Lapornik (11), Lešić (8), Zagorac (16), Mahkovic (6), Zakis (7), Čančar

League table will be brought later.

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