Tuesday, December 1, 2015

HK Crvena Zvezda - HK Partizan 7:4 (Serbian ice hockey league, round 3)

This game was a nightmare.
Though the beginning was not bad at all. We rinked out to the ice and the wrestling session started. Sometimes we played some ice-hockey as well. The standing was 0:0 for quite a long time, almost til the end of the first period, but soon before the end we scored two goals within 1-2 minutes (goal scorers were Korshikov and Brkušanin). The period ended with 0:2, life was beautiful.
Well, at this point.
We went out for the second period, we continued wrestling, though Zvezda could press one goal into our net in the beginning (1:2). Red team fought hard, they seemingly wanted to equalize very much.
In consequence our captain Milovanović scored the world’s cheekiest goal. 1:3 - and after the goal Zvezda seemed to collapse. Their heaviy pushing was gone, while Partizan attacked more.
There we had the result of it. Raković scored our 4th goal. 1:4
Then something happened. Janković scored a giant goal, but referees invalidated it for some reason.
(Meanwhile at the other side Zvezda’s goal was also invalidated, while our goalkeeper was put into a humane vice by red players.) They still scored a goal at the end... The standing was 2:4 after the second period.
And then...
In the third period Zvezda quickly equalized (4:4).
They even took the lead (5:4).
We somehow fell into pieces. Don’t ever ask why or how. No idea. Yet we were pushing as hard as possible. We continuously attacked, but nothing ever worked out. Zvezda’s players took advantage of our mistakes with a nasty grin on their faces. They scored another goal (6:4). At a point there was such a big fight on the ice, that even one of the referees got a smash on his head... We kept on trying ahead, but we were running out of time. Finally, at the very end, when everyone thought it cannot be any worse, Zvezda threw a goal into our empty net. 7:4. End buzz.

Does anybody know where has our goalkeeper gone for the last minutes? No, this is not some bitter joke, I really didn’t see our goalkeeper anywhere. (Or I go to the ophthalmologist now.)

Photos from the game:

(photos: Facebook/Savez hokeja na ledu Srbije)

League table comes later.

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