Sunday, December 6, 2015

VK Partizan - Radnički Kragujevac 11:9 (Serbian Cup final)

The basketball game didn't even finish when the last game of the day, the water polo cup final started. At yesterday's training match rehearsal semifinal we knocked off Zvezda like the blind knocks off a glass from the table and we entered the final with fanfares.

RTS was of course blocked at everywhere. It came to my mind, it's one thing that being a foreigner I'm getting grumpy over it, having no available stream link beyond the borders. But what happens to those living in the diaspore as well as those fans who live/work abroad?... Or all those who don't pay their taxes directly to Čika Acika, they are all allowed to hang themselves?...

Fellow Fan kept on informing me for the whole game about the current standing. (Pigeon-post rocks.) Many thanks to him for this and you should all send him your love and blessings, because without him this post would have never been written. (I would have died for sure until news sites had bothered to mention this game. Information society, my a...)

So, we jumped into the water, quickly scored a goal (1:0), Kragujevac switched the standing (1:2).
But Partizan is Partizan, and such a triviality won’t break us. We were leading to 4:2 for the end of the first quarter, upon reports Kragujevac can thank their goalkeeper that this difference didn’t grow even bigger for us.
Then came the second quarter. We were leading to 6:2 with the goals of Subotić and Gilen, then 6 seconds before the end Radnički scored. We finished the first half with 6:3.

Time-out some time during the game

For the second half Kragujevac tried to speed up. They scored a goal right in the beginning (6:4), so did Manojlović (7:4). Another goal from Kragujevac (7:5).
And then came the Parni valjak.
Drašović. 8:5
Subotić. 9:5
Jakšić. 10:5. Less than one and a half minutes were left from the quarter.
At the other side Rističević saved all the attempts of Radnički, just like it is written in the Book of Rules.
There were maybe 3 seconds left from the quarter when Kragujevac pressured a goal into our net. We entered the last part of the game with 10:6

Partizan-bench, viewed from back

The atmosphere was so tensed for the last quarter that even the referee lost control and made nerve-racking judgements. Radnički scored two more goals (10:8). Then three and a half minutes before the end Subotić shot another goal (11:8) and at the very end, when there were only 15 seconds left, Kragujevac scored the last goal of the final (11:9).
But we won. WE WON.
We won the cup for the 24th time in the team’s history.

Rističević takes the cup from Milorad Krivokapić

Finally we could celebrate

The hero of the day was Gavril Subotić with 4 goals. He is followed by Radomir Drašović (2) as well as Lukas Gilen, Marko Manojlović, Nikola Jakšić, Mateja Asanović and Filip Radojević (1-1).

(photos: Facebook/Vaterpolo Klub Partizan Raiffeisen)

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