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KK Partizan - Metalac 81:70 (Adriatic League, Round 14)

This was a game to remember - not just because we tore Metalac to pieces, but because Edo Murić returned after almost half a year, recovering from his serious injury.
Here is how he was warming up.

Aleksandar Cvetković also returned, though thankfully he didn’t need such a brutally long rest.
Players were wearing these T-shirts when entering the court.

(photo: Twitter)


(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

With these T-shirts they sent a big high five and a support/love bomb to their teammate Mihajlo Andrić. (Andrić’s injury has renewed, and it was so serious now that Andrić had to undergo surgery. He was sent to the Acibadem Clinics in Istambul. The surgery was successful, Andrić is fine, but it will take months until he recovers.)
Mihajlo Andrić was moved a lot.

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Meanwhile Murić kept on warming up...

...and Average Fan’s nerves got more and more wrecked, because on ArenaSport 1 it was still the extra time of the previous Igokea-Cedevita game going even in the starting time of Partizan’s match. When finally the broadcast started from Pionir Hall, Metalac was leading to 2:7 already. Wonderful, isn’t it?
No problem. Marinković and Murić (who was in the starting 5) quickly modified it to 7:11.

Murić was still wearing bandage on his arm

My net connection was lagging in the first half. I could still follow the standing, but I might have still missed out a few things. Mea culpa.

We slowly reduced the difference, step by step, then we equalized (15:15), thanks to Wilson and his baskets. What is more, we even took the lead with Marinković’s 3-pointer (18:17). Metalac didn’t let it go at that (18:19), but the Empire Wilson struck back.

Then Vrabac sped up as well. He scored a 3-pointer (23:19), then after 25:22 we finished the first half with  his basket (27:22).
From the second quarter on we had an assertive lead. We didn’t let control out of our hands for a moment. Aranitović threw one basket after the other, the half time result was 47:43, but even this result turned out after we were leading to 47:40, but then Metalac got a free throw (47:41) and at the very end the ball was stolen from Cvetković and Rakićević scored right at the buzz.

Partizan’s former football player Petar Škuletić was present in Pionir Hall. Fans found him and overwhelmed him, and he eagerly posed with children
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

At the beginning of the third quarter the guest team equalized (47:47). We urgently had to do something. Marinković immediately scored a 3-pointer (50:47), because the Captain doesn’t want to act as chance directs. Vitkovac took the Captain’s attitude into consideration (52:47), then Vrabac scored after a fantastic solo (54:47). Metalac reduced the difference, they made a 5-point series, it started to be a bit narrow (54:52), but no problem, Wilson came, saw and scored (56:52).
Then nothing happened for long minutes. None of the teams could score at all. Both Partizan and Metalac hardened their defense wall into concrete at least for 3 minutes, but maybe for more. Finally, there was less than half a minute left from the quarter, when Murić scored (58:52). One basket was scored at the other side as well, we could enter the last part with 58:54.
In the fourth quarter the Valjevo team kept it narrow (60:57), what is more, Kutlešić scored the weirdest basket of the season.

But no problem. Aranitović immediately answered (63:57), Jones and Murić increased our difference to two-digit (67:57), Wilson even crossed the 10-point line (69:57), then he even assisted to Aranitović’s basket (71:57). Metalac collapsed slowly but surely. 74:60, then 77:63, Wilson was in royal spirits. Metalac pressured in two points from free throw (77:65), Jones increased our difference again (79:65). After a 3-pointer by Metalac Vrabac scored again (87:68). One Metalac-basket left (81:70) and end buzz.
It was time to celebrate.

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)


KK Partizan: Cvetković, Aranitović (17), Jones (8), Murić (9), Marinković (13), Vitkovac (4), Đumić (4), Magdevski, Milutinović (2), Vrabac (9), Wilson (15), Anđušić

Metalac: Kočović (3), Malešević (7), Badovinac, Čampara, Kutlešić (9), Janković (4), Jevtović (14), Jošilo, Rakićević (13), Bakić (5), Todorović (7), Gabrić (8)

League table will be brought tomorrow.

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