Saturday, December 19, 2015

KK Partizan - Mega Leks 78:85 (Adriatic League, Round 15)

Summary of the game: in the first half we demonstrated how to play basketball. In the second we demonstrated how never to play basketball.

It’s very hard to blog about these games, when we play as if it was such an educational documentary.

At the beginning there was a small celebration for Kosta Perović, who said goodbye to the team.

Perović announced earlier this week that he would retire from basketball. He said, a knee injury prevents him from playing, while he lacks motivation as well.

Kosta, thank you for everything!...

The match started with struggling. Mega quickly made it to 2:5, right in the beginning. Jones brought us up to 4:5, but Mega had a very rough start. Their defense line was from concrete and they attacked very aggressively (which didn’t change during the match). We either got blocked by their defense or when we tried with 3-pointers, they all rebounded from the ring.
All these led us to be in the fallback of a 4:10 standing. Marinković scored a 3-pointer (7:10), then Jones activated himself and equalized (10:10). Mega modified it to 10:14, we still tied up with the scores of Jones and Vitkovac to 13:15. Then at 15:17 Milutinović switched the standing with a 3-pointer. 18:17, we are leading!
Mega equalized from free throw (18:18) and it was almost the end buzz, when Jones came and...

In the second quarter the Parni valjak started to roll. Đumić was on fire (25:19), the others followed his example: Milutinović (27:21), Marinković (29:21) - at this point Mega scored, after long struggling (29:23), but Murić answered with a 3-pointer (32:23). Then, when Marinković scored, we crossed the two-digit line (34:23). We kept it, playing very powerful and aggressive. Mega mostly just assisted for us, though they got a gift free throw here and there from the referees. We finished the first half with 47:29 and anyone could think we’d have a spectacular game with great battles and a shining victory with 10+ points of difference.
Oh, wait...

Banner for the memory of Haris Brkić
(photo: Twitter)

All looked smooth in the beginning of the third quarter. We kept the more-than-10-point difference (48:35), everyone was on full speed.


Even at 55:37 nothing seemed to be suspicious. The game was going on absoultey well, with great fight, fans screaming and chanting, players demonstrating their top skills. What else do we want?
At 56:41 Aranitović scored a 3-pointer (59:41). Come on, boys, just two more points and the difference will be 20!
Or not.
Don’t ask what happened, I have no ideA harmadik negyed elején még senki sem gyanakodott. Tartottuk a 10 pont feletti különbséget (48:35), mindenki csúcsra járatta magát.a. At first Mega reduced the difference to 59:46. Đumić scored once from free throw (60:46), and that was Partizan’s last score in that quarter.
Mega made a 11-point (!) series. They made it to 60:57, while nothing worked out for our favour. Also, for unknown reasons Petar Božić didn’t asked for time-out. It was just time for the end of the third part.

Vrabac surrounded by 3 defenders

The last quarter started with Aranitović’s 3-pointer (63:57), but it didn’t keep hopes alive for too long. Mega didn’t just equalize, but even took back the lead (63:64). We couldn’t throw one single basket. The opponent took heart and made it to 63:68. Jones pushed us back to 67:68, then Wilson equalized (70:70). We couldn’t be happy for too long again, a few seconds later Mega took back the lead with a 3-pointer (70:73).
From then on it seemed as if everything would have conspired against us. We started to panic, we had a lot of fouls, referees were whistling continuously while giving free throws to Mega. We couldn’t score at all, neither in, nor out of the paint. Wilson tried to keep the spirit in the team, he scored two baskets, but he couldn’t change the miserable situation overall. At 78:83 Vrabac was fouled out. There were only 7 seconds left. Mega threw one more basket and it ended.

Mihajlo Andrić recently underwent operation in Istanbul, since then he returned to Belgrade. Andrić is a hero, because the first thing he did was going to his team’s match


KK Partizan: Cvetković (2), P. Aranitović (11), Jones (21), Murić (3), Marinković (11), Vitkovac (1), Đumić (5), Magdevski, Milutinović (9), Vrabac (2), Wilson (13), Anđušić

Mega Leks: Simić, A. Aranitović (15), Đoković, Jaramaz (13), Veljković (7), Ivanović (12), Pavlović, Luwawu (8), Kaba (2), Simeunović (3), Nikolić (19), Janković (6)

League table will be brought tomorrow.
Update: current standing of the League
1. Budućnost 28 points
2. Cedevita 27 points
3. CZ 26 points
4. Mega Leks 25 points
5. Zadar 22 points
6. Tajfun Šentjur 22 points
7. Krka 22 points
8. MZT Skopje 21 points
9. Union Olimpija 21 points
10. Partizan 21 points
11. Cibona 21 points
12. Igokea 20 points
13. Metalac 20 points
14. Sutjeska 19 points

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