Friday, December 18, 2015

OK Partizan - Spartak Ljig 3:0 (superliga, round 9)

It was an easy, smooth game without much excitement against the Ljig-based team. Well, all right, at the end there was some excitement, because the guests were leading to 5:8 at the beginning of the first set, but later it was gone. They still kept themselves during the first part, the standing was still narrow in the middle of the set (16:15), even at the end the difference was only 3 points (21:18), but we still won to 25:20.
The second set was smoother. The difference was growing, first it was 8:5, then 16:13, finally, at the end we were leading to 21:16. The always bigger Partizan-pressure got to be a too heavy weight for Spartak, the second part ended with 25:19.
At the end it was like a festival. The Buša-Veličković-Pantić axis sped up, they scored one point after the other. We made it to 16:10, then to 21:12. Spartak collapsed. The end was all fireworks, we won the set to 25:13 as well as the match to 3:0.
The heroes of the day are Boris Buša and Luka Veličković, they both scored 16-16 points. They are followed by Dimitrije Pantić (12), Dušan Lopar (9), Ivan Kostić (6) and Aleksa Polomac (5).
This time there are photos, too.

Standing with his back to the viewer, wearing #1 shirt it's Boris Buša, behind him (#5) Lopar. At the net with #15 it’s Polomac, while at the back of the photo, wearing white shirt it’s Bojan Rajkovć, everyone’s favourite libero

Group hug at the end
(photos: Facebook/Odbojkaški Klub Partizan)

League table will be brought later.
Update: current championship standings
1. CZ 24 points
2. Vojvodina 24 points
3. Novi Pazar 19 points
4. Niš 14 points
5. Partizan 13 points
6. Spartak Ljig 12 points
7. Radnički 11 points
8. Klek 9 points
9. Ribnica 8 points
10. Inđija 1 point

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