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FK Partizan - Augsburg 1:3 (UEFA Europa League)

It’s just fucking hard now.
I can’t find the words. It just doesn’t work. Even if I deliberately slept it over.
What the hell could one say about it?...
The qualifying to the 1/16 final was in an arm’s length away. We were just an arm’s length away from Europe... and we couldn’t.
It was told before the match, the Germans need a 3:1 victory to qualify. For us even a 0:0 draw would have been enough.
And what was the result of this game?... 3:1 to Augsburg.
If I was about to make conspiracy theories, I’d say, the goddamned UEFA by default didn’t want Partizan to qualify, that’s why they sent here this lousy, cat-eater Italian, who refereed the game as it must have never been refereed. It was clear, even from distance that he hated to be there, he hated Partizan and wished to be as far from here as possible.

German fans set the tribune on fire before the game...
(photo: Twitter)

...Grave Diggers’ answer was this...


...and this
(photo: Twitter)

Partizan’s water polo team were on the tribune, they came to support the football players

The start of the game

Partizan’s starting 11
(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

You can see, Saša Ilić was not in the starting eleven.
Saša Ilić stayed on the bench for the entire game, he didn’t play even for a minute.
This wasn’t the only hair-raising anomaly in this match though.
We attacked right in the first minute. Andrija Živković crossed from the right, the goalkeeper caught it. Augsburg had a counter-attack, a player had a distant shot to our goal, it was way too high.
We were still in the 2nd minute, Andrija Živković got the ball on the right side. He made a row of fantastic dribbles, but the defenders kicked him on the ground. Free kick, from the line of the penalty area. Defenders headed it out, corner-kick.
In the 7th minute Bobadilla had a sudden, distant shot to our goal, but it was too high.
Then in the 11th minute Aboubakar got a fantastic pass. He ran up all alone, then shot and scored a giant goal. A-BOOM-bakar!!! 1:0!!! WE ARE LEADING!!!!


This goal made Augsburg collapse. Even though they had two attempts after this, one in the 17th, the other in the 21st minute, but both avoided our goal. (First Stafylidis had a too high shot, then Trochowski attempted, but a leg appeared out of the blue and touched the ball, making the shot too wide.)
Then came the referee.
In the 22nd minute he whistled off a non-existing foul. Ninković tackled the German player arriving on the right. Džigi made it absolutely perfectly, even the slow motion replay confirmed it, but the referee ruthlessly gave a free kick to Augsburg. Our defenders headed it downfield, Andrija Živković could run up with an amazing dribble, just he gave himself a way too long pass.
Two minutes later Aboubakar sent a great cross from the right. Brašanac headed it to the goal, the goalkeeper saved. A minute later again Aboubakar passed the ball, now to Andrija Živković. Žile ran up, dribbled, then shot, the goalkeeper saved this one, too. Another minute later Brašanac headed upfield in the middle, crossed to Andrija Živković. Živković shot, it ended with a corner-kick.
In the 32nd minute Stafylidis had again a weak attempt, then almost immediately Janker brutally kicked Subić to the ground inside our penalty area. Subić was laying on the ground for long, finally he could stand up and continue playing - the referee didn’t whistle, there was no yellow card or any other retortion.
In the 34th minute again Stafylidis crossed from the right. It was very dangerous, Callsen-Bracker jumped up for the ball, Živko Živković had a great save.
In the 37th minute Callsen-Bracker fell on the ground after Ninković invalidated him. The German played "the dying swan", it took long minutes while the medicals picked his pieces together and carried him off the field. The game was on halt

by the way, the referee’s duty would be here to send everyone off the field, injured as well as medicals to continue giving assistance near the sideline, out of the field, so that teams can continue the game, wouldn’t it?

Then Partizan played defensive for quite a while. We were at the very end of the first half, playing the minutes of extra time, when the referee again stepped out of the dark. He gave a yellow card to Andrija Živković for a non-existing foul

he and Bandalovski were wrestling with an Augsburg-player at the sideline, then the guest player fell on the ground, the referee whistled it off, but I swear, my impression was that this rotten cat-eater guido was deliberately seeking for the chance to kill Živković

as well as a free kick for the Germans. The kick was headed to our net by Hong - it looked as if the ball dropped even on Živko Živković’s hand, but there was a too big goalmouth scramble, I’m not sure if I could see it clearly. 1:1

Živko Živković’s desperate face as he watches the ball dropping into the net

The second half started with a German attempt. Trochowski shot, luckily a foot touched the ball, so it could avoid our net (it would have been most probably another goal otherwise). Thankfully the referee didn’t notice the foot, which almost surely belonged to a Partizan-player and whistled for goal-kick.
In the 50th minute Andrija Živković ran upfield and passed to Aboubakar. The Cameroonian dribbled, then he was kicked to the ground. (No, the referee didn’t whistle.)
A minute later it was 1:2.
I swear on anything that it was from offside, but there was no flag up. A very long pass came from deep, Dutch player Verhaegh jumped out and scored. (You can watch it here, if you have the heart for it.)
In the 52nd minute we got a free kick at the corner of Augsburg’s penalty area. Andrija Živković shot, the goalkeeper saved.
In the 56th minute Bobadilla crossed to the other side of our penalty area, to Ji. The Korean headed it to our goal line, Živko Živković saved. A minute later Aboubakar sent a big pass to Brašanac. Brašanac ran up, made a huge solo, fought himself through the defenders, then shot, the goalkeeper saved it. In the 60th minute again Aboubakar got the ball and passed to Ninković. Ninković ran up, dribbled, shot, it was too wide.

My nerves were wrecked way before the game. At this point I was in a catatonia, laying on the floor. I didn’t even have the strength to cry for a defibrillator. And the end was still way too far.

In the 61st minute Trochowski had a sudden, distant shot, Živko Živković had a great save.

Why does Živković have to stay on the bench?... Don’t take me wrong, I have nothing against Kljajić, he is skilled and talented, but Živković have these cat-alike reflexes. Just because someone had this idea that he made too many mistakes earlier?... Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is always the easiest to blame the goalkeeper for lost games. Kljajić is a great player, but he may need a bit more time to mature...

In the 69th minute a cross came from the left, Živko Živković caught it.
In the 71st minute we got a free kick, from about 25 metres. Andrija Živković shot, Ćirković headed it to the goal, it was a great movement, but the referee whistled it off, for him it was offside.
In the 73rd minute Ninković sent a distant, amazing cannon shot to the goal. The ball hit the crossbar and dropped to Andrija Živković. Živković shot, it was too wide.
In the 77th minute Živko Živković had a GIANT save with his leg (!!!). Earlier a Partizan-player was kicked to the ground again, the referee didn’t whistle again, even though our player stayed laying on the field. Brazilian player Caiuby ran up and shot, Živko Živković saved not just the goal line, but also fans from another heart attack.

We had quite a few of them during the game...

In the 79th minute we played "pinball football" on Augsburg’s half, passing the ball very quickly among each other, finally the ball dropped to Ninković. Ninković ran up on the left side, dribbled and shot, just barely missing the goal.
And here the referee sent off Andrija Živković.
The reason was simple, Žile touched the ball with his hand, and he already had a yellow card. He had to leave the field.

You rotten mafioso idiot referee, I hope you’re satisfied that you could turn off Partizan’s best player...

After this Andrija Živković was watching the game standing at the tunnel

In the 88th minute Brašanac got a fantastic pass. He run up all alone in the middle, shot, it was too high.


The 89th minute brought the coup de grace.
Augsburg attacked, with the usual goalmouth scramble. Suddenly Caiuby headed the ball to Bobadilla. The Paraguayan had nothing else to do than walk into the net with it. He did so. 1:3
That was the end.
End of the game, end of all hopes.


Here is a video about the moments right after the final whistle. It says more than any words.

I won’t put any video highlights here. Sorry. On one hand UEFA blocked all videos, as usual, on the other I just have no heart for that. If you want to see it, you can search for it, you’ll surely find it uploaded, if not else, then the goals.

Here I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate Lazar Marković and Petar Škuletić that their teams (Fenerbahce and Lokomotiv Moscow) qualified to the 1/16 final of the Europa League. An extra high five to Markec for his fantastic goal.

After the game hell broke loose. Head coach Ljubinko Drulović plain and simply didn’t go to the post-match press conference. A few journalists could catch him as he tried to sneak out - he said something to them that he had a very important discussion with Iliev, that’s why he didn’t take part at the conference, then he disappeared.

WTF?... How?... And why?... It’s just impossible that the head coach deliberately misses out the press conference. No matter how many goals we get, no matter how deep is the shit we are in, the head coach must stand out and talk to the press. Responsibility, my ass...

After this even crazier rumours started to circulate. B92 talked about the entire Partizan-presidency resigning after the match. Though they added, these news are not confirmed. Unfortunately they are still not.

Rumours speak about raging Partizan-fans surrounding the club’s headquarters, demanding the resigning of the leadership. Press says the presidency collapsed for this heavy pressure and resigned. It smells a bit like, but if it really happens so, I’ll celebrate with champagne.


Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 20 000
Referee: Paolo Tagliavento (assistants: Alessandro Giallatini, Matteo Passeri - 4th assistant: Filippo Melli - goal line assistants: Marco Guida, Andrea Gervasoni) - ITA

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Bandalovski, Ćirković, Fabricio, Subić (Petrović, 64.) - Brašanac - A. Živković, Babović, Jevtović, Ninković (Grbić, 83.) - Aboubakar
Head coach: Ljubinko Drulović

FC Augsburg: Hitz - Verhaegh, Janker, Callsen-Bracker (Hong, 40.), Stafylidis (Max, 80.) - Koo (Caiuby, 60.), Baier, Trochowski, Ji - Bobadilla, Matavz
Head coach: Markus Weinzierl

Goal scorers: Aboubakar (11.), Hong (45+1.), Verhaegh (51.), Bobadilla (89.)
Yellow card: Ninković (36.), A. Živković (45+1), Bobadilla (90.)
Red card: A. Živković (80. - second yellow card)

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