Wednesday, December 2, 2015

FK Voždovac - FK Partizan 0:1 (Serbian Cup, 1/8 final)

Victory: check.
Qualfiying for the next round: check.
Another serious injury for Vulićević: check.

All right, all right, I won’t speak too soon, let’s just see all events in order, one after the other.

I don’t know whose idea it was to put a football match for Wednesday, early in the afternoon. Whomever it was, I send them my warmest greetings packed in a mail bomb.

The beginning of the game was eventless. There was a free kick for the home team in the 5th minute, it was an easy task for Živko Živković.

Other than this nothing happened. Really nothing. One could have peeled potatoes, played with electric train, cut fingernails, installed a plug into the wall or anything else. Nobody would have missed out anything. (Maybe only Aboubakar losing the ball every now and then...)

In the 12th minute we got a free kick, approx. 20 metres from the goal line. Ninković ran up, shot, it was too high. We were trying with attacks, pretty much with half speed, so that our attempts died away. Then in the 16th minute Babović was trying on the left side, then passed the ball to Ninković. Ninković crossed it to the middle, the ball rolled out through the baseline. Corner-kick, the goalkeeper caught the ball.
In the 19th minute Stojanović had a sudden, distant shot (he probably got fed up with the general fumbling and slow pace), it was way too high.

Subić and Ninković inactivate Stanković

In the 20th minute Aboubakar got a cross from the left. The striker was standing right in front of the goal line, but the goalkeeper caught the ball. Two minutes later we got a free kick at the left sideline. Ninković shot it inside the penalty area, the defenders pushed the ball out through the base line. Corner-kick.
Then in the 24th minute the team captain of Voždovac and Vulićević clashed. Vulićević fell on the ground in such a misfortunate way that he had to be carried off the field on a stretcher.

The moment Vulićević falls

Here you can see there’s big trouble - Vulićević is laying on the ground, Partizan-players are horrified, while home team members wave for medical assistance

Medicals arrived in a hurry and carried Partizan’s defender off

An ambulance car took him to hospital

The first news were very worrying: broken arm, urgent operation, long weeks of recovery. Soon before writing this blogpost though cited Partizan’s team doctor, Dr. Ilija Rosić. He accompanied Vulićević to the hospital and he said, Partizan’s defender has no broken bones. His elbow has dislocated though and his ligaments are torn. He’ll have to wear plaster on his arm for at least 3 weeks.
In the 29th minute we started a counter-attack after a Voždovac-free kick. Ninković ran up, crossed to Aboubakar in the middle - all the Cameroonian striker had to do is to head it into the net. He did so. 0:1



The next event was just a small pause in the 42nd minute. The field was covered with smoke, Grave Diggers lighted their torches and made a happy bonfire.

(photo: Twitter)

The last action of the first half happened in the 43rd minute. Andrija Živković was dribbling, then passed the ball to Aboubakar. He forwarded it to Babović, Babović to Ninković, Ninković shot, the goalkeeper saved.

Saša Ilić in the half-time

Albert Nagy was also present at the stands
(Does anyone know where I could buy such a cap?)

Like a boss - creative way to watch a football game for free

In the second half, at the 49th minute Brašanac possessed the ball. He crossed it to Ninković in the left. Ninković served the ball with a fantastic pass (it looked as if Džigi was holding the ball on a golden plate) to Babović in the middle. All doors and windows were open, but Babović again made that typical mistake that instead of shooting he started to position himself. The defenders easily tackled him.
In the 53rd minute Brašanac and Andrija Živković were playing "pinball" with the ball, then Živković crossed it to the middle to Ninković. Ninković shot with a fantastic bicycle kick, but defenders blocked his attempt. The ball dropped to Jevtović, he shot from the distance, the goalkeeper saved.
In the 57th minute Srećković had a sudden, distant shot, too high.
Then nothing happened for more than 10 minutes. The game was going mostly on our half, but Voždovac didn’t have even a shot on target. Finally in the 69th minute we started a counter-attack. Andrija Živković ran up, passed to Ninković, Ninković shot, the goalkeeper saved. Two minutes later Saša Ilić got the ball inside Voždovac’s penalty area. He passed it ahead to Aboubakar, Aboubakar shot, too wide.
In the 79th minute Andrija Živković got a pass, ran up and crossed it to the goalmouth. Ninković arrived, but the goalkeeper caught it. A minute later we again started a counter-attack after a corner-kick by Voždovac. Saša Ilić passed to Andrija Živković, he forwarded it to Ninković. Ninković shot, too high.
In the 83rd minute after a free kick by the home team Ninković clashed with a Voždovac-player. It looked to be an ordinary foul, that kind which happens a million times at every football game. The retorsion is usually just a free kick, then everything is back on track.
But not this time.
Referee Stoilković showed the yellow card to Ninković, nobody knows why. It was a disproportional punishment for such a small foul. The entire Partizan-bench jumped up, Ljubinko Drulović explained something to the referee with big gestures, but he couldn’t convince him.


Voždovac attacked desperately. In the 85th minute Zlatković got a cross from the other side of the field. He shot, it was too wide.
There was one attempt left for the very last minute. Bojinov shot from the distance, the ball almost flew out of the stadium.




Venue: Obilić na Vračaru stadum, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 2000
Referee: Igor Stoilković (assistants: Vukan Gordić, Dragan Bogičević - 4th assistant: Milan Jeremić)

FK Voždovac: Milošević - Stanković, Mihajlović, Jovanović, Radivojević - Sinđić, M. Pavlović - Marinković, Stojanović (Ristović, 70.), Srećković (Odita, 62.) - Masović (Zlatković, 77.)
Head coach: Bratislav Živković

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Vulićević (Petrović, 27.), Bandalovski, Ćirković, Subić - Jevtović, Brašanac - A. Živković, Babović (S. Ilić, 68.), Ninković (Bojinov, 90.) - Aboubakar
Head coach: Ljubinko Drulović

Goal scorer: Aboubakar (29.)
Yellow card: Ćirković (28.), Mihajlov (64.), Babović (56.), Trujić (87.)

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