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FK Partizan - Vojvodina 0:2 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 20)

It was a busy day today. All teams played their current league rounds/cup finals today except for the ice hockey team. The football team started the day at 14:00, and what else could be better for a starter than a humiliating defeat?


The game started with the Serbian national anthem, as usual, but this time nobody cared. Players exchanged handshakes, teams chose their areas, team photos were made, it was rather awkward. What if we would forget about this whole national anthem thing and stay at the well-tried "Da volim crno-bele"? Just asking...

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

After last week’s Europa League victory the team decided to make this match a free entrance for fans as a gift. The stands were nicely packed this time.
The game started right with a brawl. Sekulić got into a fight with Bojinov, the referee immediately showed the yellow card for both of them.

There is this kind of referee that LOVES to be important, to be in the centre of attention. He blows his whistle whether it’s needed or not, takes action, keeps busy, but he achieves only one thing with this: he destroys fans’ nerves. Well, Bojan Nikolić was just this type.

We got a corner kick in the 4th minute. Andrija Živković kicked it, Bojinov headed it, it was too high. Vojvodina started a counter-attack, but their attempt died away with a corner kick.

In the 8th minute Partizan’s former striker Danko Lazović appeared on the screen for a moment, standing at the tunnel, watching the game. Erm... what if we tried to keep him here?... Just asking...

Meanwhile Sekulić "redeemed" to Bojinov (he kicked the Bulgarian brutally to the ground), the referee kept on showing his favourite card (aka yellow) around.

For some reason Bandalovski was especially dislikable for the referee. He showed the yellow card for the Bulgarian already in the 12th minute, and for the rest of the game he racked the defender’s nerves with irrational judgements. Viewers could often see Bandalovski in this pose during the game
(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

"Mr. Referee, you’re an idiot! Yes, you!"
(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

In the 12th minute the match had to be interrupted, Grave Diggers covered the stadium with smoke.


(photos: Twitter)

Then the air has cleared, Vojvodina got a free kick, about 22 metres from the goal line. The shot hit the wall, we could go for counter-attack. It ended in a corner-kick.
The 23rd minute brought an excellent Bojinov-Andrija Živković pinball trick, then the Bulgarian striker shot. It was dangerous, the goalkeeper saved.
Here the referee again interrupted the game. As it came to light, he didn’t like those rhymes Grave Diggers chanted to mock the opponent. Referee and Grand Moff Nikolić decided to pause the game (by the authority that was given to him), because he felt a great disturbance in the Force. Or something.

It’s impossible. I can’t believe it. Has this dude never been to any football game where fans mock each other? For God’s sake, if his mental constitution is this very lacy, why doesn’t he rather go and be a rope-dancer? There he’ll surely find no enraged fans chanting rhymes about the opponent’s family tree.

Never mind. A few minutes later we could continue the game. Free kick for Vojvodina, 17 metres, right side. Kljajić saved.
The pace was quick, with a lot of fights, game was going mostly on the midfield. At this point there were barely any goal attempts. In the 35th minutes we started a counter-attack after a Vojvodina corner kick. Saša Ilić passed to Andrija Živković. He forwarded to Bojinov, Bojinov shot, the goalkeeper saved.
In the 38th minute Grbić crossed the ball from the right to the middle, but it was too long for Bojinov. A minute later Jevtović sent a distant shot to the goal. It was dangerous, the goalkeeper saved to corner kick.
Meanwhile Vojvodina tried with full-court press, thankfully without any luck. Finally in the 42nd minute a long cross arrived at our goalmouth. For our great luck it was too long for Ožegović, who just ran up there, the ball rolled over in front our goal.
In the 44th minute again Ožegović tried with a heading, it was too wide. A minute later Andrija Živković ran up to Vojvodina’s penalty area. He had a great solo, dribbled, but he was blocked to corner kick by a defender. After the kick Ninković got the ball, he shot, it was too wide.
At the very end of the first half Ožegović had one another try with a flat, weak shot. It was an easy job for Kljajić.


For the second half my internet connection died, the stream was useless. (Looking at the final result maybe it’s better this way.) I reconstructed the events of the half from reports and highlights.
In the 52nd minute Andrija Živković passed to Grbić with a fantastic Oxford-trick. Grbić ran up and crossed to Ninković. Ninković shot, it was too high. Four minutes later again Andrija Živković possessed the ball. He dribbled, then passed to Grbić, again with a spectacular movement. Grbić ran up, shot, but a defender blocked.
In the meantime guests kept on kicking Partizan-players to the ground. Either they got yellow card for it, or not, probably it depeneded on the referee’s mood.
Around the 60th minute Vojvodina had two attempts. First Babić had a distant shot, then Nastić had a try. Kljajić saved both.


In the 63rd minute Saša Ilić wrestled with at least 3 defenders, then he ran up. He dribbled himself through Vojvodina’s blockade and passed to Bojinov. Bojinov shot, too high. (The Bulgarian was just holding his head afterwards.) Two minutes later Saša Ilić had a bomb shot from the same place, too high.
In the 66th minute Ninković crossed from the left. Bojinov jumped to head the ball to the net, but it was imprecise. (It was also flag up.)
In the 70th minute players got into a fight again. Andrija Živković was put into sandwich by 3 players, meanwhile one of them tried to catch the ball with hand. In exchange Partizan’s midfielder pushed him down (upon SOS Kanal’s footage). The players started to yell at each other, pushing each other, finally Maksimović got a yellow card.
In the 72nd minute Andrija Živković possessed the ball. He ran up, dribbled then crossed to Ninković. Ninković headed it to the middle, Lukić arrived, headed it, but a defender blocked, the attempt died away. We still possessed the ball, it dropped again to Ninković. Džigi shot again, hitting the crossbar this time. Corner kick, the ball was shot downfield by defenders blocking Saša Ilić.
Then in the 80th minute Vojvodina got a corner kick. Rosić rose up and headed the ball to the net. 0:1
In the 84th minute the referee got fed up with Sekulić and his amok running (the midfielder was like a warthog for the whole time, picking up a quarrel with not only Bojinov but practically anyone wearing black-and-white jersey) and sent him off with a second yellow card. Vojvodina quickly made a tactical substitution. Ožegović had to come off, well, he should have had to, but the player had the speed of a sloth. Even the referee told him to be a bit faster, finally Grbić got fed up and started to push Vojvodina’s player. The two started a verbal fight, eventually the referee showed the yellow card for both (Grbić accepted it with a sarcastic bow).
So, as you can see, the atmosphere was great and friendly.
(Oh, wait...)
From this point on there was a continuous fight among players on the field. At one moment Šaponjić was mocked by a Vojvodina-player, then Ninković was yelling with someone. The referee was just showing around the yellow card. (He showed it 9 times during the game.)
And then, in this tensed atmosphere Rosić kicked down Saša Ilić inside the penalty area in the 87th minute. Penalty. It was beyond question. The referee immediately showed at the penalty point.
Ninković stood behind the ball. He ran up...
...and goalkeeper Perić saved it.
And if it was not enough, Vojvodina started a counter-attack. Stanisavljević got a cross in the middle. He shot and scored. 0:2
Fans were shouting "Uprava napolje".
Let’s just forget this game, okay?...

Vojvodina’s head coach Lalatović comforts an emotional Ninković after the match



Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 10 000
Referee: Bojan Nikolić (assistants: Nemanja Petrović, Slobodan Pavlović - 4th assistant: Marko Dimitrijević - goal line assistants: Nenad Đokić, Dejan Anđelković)

FK Partizan: Kljajić - Grbić, Bandalovski, Ćirković, Subić - Jevtović (Šaponjić, 83.), S. Ilić, A. Živković, Ninković - Bojinov (Aboubakar, 66.), Lukić (Babović, 75.)
Head coach: Ljubinko Drulović

Vojvodina: Perić - Ivanić, Vukčević (Stanisavljević, 75.), Pankov, Lakičević - Nastić, Babić (Puškarić, 83.), Rosić, Sekulić - Maksimović, Ožegović (Kovačević, 86.)
Head coach: Nenad Lalatović

Goal scorers: Rosić (80.), Stanisavljević (89.)
Yellow card: Bojinov (2.), Sekulić (2.), Bandalovski (12.), Pankov (58.), Maksimović (70.), Ožegović (86.), Grbić (86.), Rosić (87.)
Red card: Sekulić (84.), second yellow card

League table will be brought later.

Update: current championship standings
1. CZ 56 points
2. Borac 37 points
3. Čukarički 35 points
4. Partizan 32 points
5. Radnički Niš 31 points
6. Vojvodina 31 points
7. Javor 27 points
8. Mladost 27 points
9. FK Voždovac 25 points
10. Surdulica 24 points
11. Metalac 21 points
12. Novi Pazar 20 points
13. OFK Beograd 18 points
14. Jagodina 16 points
15. Rad 15 points
16. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 10 points

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