Sunday, December 6, 2015

OK Partizan - Crvena Zvezda 0:3 (superliga, round 7)

The next smash in the face was received by the volleyball team. They clashed with the eternal rivals, and the neighbouring team had an overly confident victory against us. It barely took more than an hour.
For the first set the neighbours were leading with 4-5 points for the whole time (4:8, 12:16, 16:21). They won it to 18:25. (The official report says that Partizan had a lot of mistakes, red team took advantage of them.) The second set was more narrow. Red team was leading even then, too, but only with 1-2 points. They could still win it to 23:25.
The last game was similar to the second. It was narrow with only one or two points of difference, but even here the opponent was leading for the whole time. They won it to 23:25, eventually winning the match to 0:3.
The hero of the day is Dimitrije Pantić with 13 points. He is followed by Dušan Lopar (10), Luka Veličković and Boris Buša (9-9), Aleksa Polomac (4) as well as Marko Popović (3).


League table comes later.

Update: current championship standings
1. Vojvodina 18 points
2. CZ 15 points*
3. Novi Pazar 13 points*
4. Spartak Ljig 12 points
5. Niš 11 points
6. Radnički 11 points
7. Klek 9 points
8. Partizan 7 points
9. Ribnica 5 points
10. Inđija 1 point

Teams marked with * played only 6 matches so far.

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