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Rad - FK Partizan 2:2 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 21)

We had to shit this draw out of ourselves, but it was so hard that it surely caused piles.
After the match on Thursday the press had been full of all kinds of rumours and guessings about Partizan. It is almost a fact that after the end of the autumn season Ljubinko Drulović will have to leave Partizan’s bench. The new head coach is supposed to be Partizan’s former player and sports director Ivan Tomić.

Tomić could be seen at the VIP-tribune at this match

Unfortunately the resigning of the entire management still hasn’t been confirmed...
Fog and an almost-freezing point-temperature welcomed the players at the Banjica field. In the first minutes fans kept on throwing firecrackers on the grass.
In the 2nd minute Ninković carried the ball upfield, then he crossed to the middle. Someone inside the penalty area pushed it, right to Brašanac. Brašanac shot, it was too wide.
In the 5th minute again Ninković possessed the ball. He dribbled himself into the penalty area, then someone knocked him down (others say Vico touched the ball with his hand), nevertheless the referee whistled it off and pointed at the penalty dot and gave a yellow card to Vico.
Saša Ilić stood behind the ball.


He ran up...

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

...and the goalkeeper saved it.
That’s it. We’re done, we can even close the business. Even the Boss cannot score from penalty :(
In the 9th minute Ninković shot a free kick inside the penalty area. Someone from Rad’s players headed it out, corner-kick. The ball dropped to Saša Ilić, he crossed it to Šaponjić waiting in the middle, but the goalkeeper punched it downfield.
In the 12th minute Brašanac passed to Saša Ilić. The Captain sent a long kick forward to Šaponjić, but the goalkeeper was faster again and saved. In the 15th minute Andrija Živković got a long cross, but a defender blocked him.
As you can see, the game was going on mostly on Rad’s half. The paperclip team

sorry, I can’t help, Rad’s logo always reminds me of a straightened paperclip

didn’t really attack, their tactics were most probably just not letting Partizan score. In exchange they kept on kicking our players to the ground.
In the 24th minute Ninković had a sudden, distant shot, the goalkeeper had a great save. A minute later we played pinball inside Rad’s penalty area, finally the ball dropped to Ninković. He shot, it was too high.
In the 27th minute Leković ran up on the left side and crossed it to the middle. Saša Ilić shot, but a defender blocked. The ball dropped back to the Captain, he shot again, now it was too wide.
In the 29th minute Rad had a weak attempt. Denić had a distant shot, but it was so high that the ball flew out of the stadium and dropped in front of Vojnomedicinska Akademija. Two minutes later Šaponjić had a try, but he was blocked.
In the 32nd minute Ninković shot a free kick inside the penalty area. Šaponjić headed it, it was too high.
In the 34th minute Rad had another attempt. The cross came from the right, but it was too long for the player arriving in the middle.
In the 36th minute Bandalovski had a great trick, passing himself inside Rad’s penalty area. The ball dropped to Andrija Živković. Žile shot, but it was way too wide.
Then in the 37th minute Rad got a free kick, approx. 25 metres from our goal line. Trninić stood behind the ball and sent a flat, cheeky shot to our goal. The ball slid through the wall and flew right into the net. 1:0
In the 40th minute Bandalovski was wrestling with Rad-defenders at the righ tside, then passed the ball to Andrija Živković. Živković shot, the goalkeeper saved.
There was one Rad free kick left for the 44th minute, from 25-28 metres. The shot arrived, Kljajić saved.


In the second half Andrija Živković crossed after a corner-kick. Šaponjić headed it, it was too wide. A minute later again Andrija Živković passed to Šaponjić. Šaponjić shot, the defenders blocked it, corner-kick. In the 56th minute Andrija Živković ran up in the middle and crossed to Stevanović on the left, but Stevanović was tackled.
We were pressing hard, we wanted so much to score a goal, but we failed. Yet in the 59th minute Trninić had a distant shot, barely missing our goal. (We had a great luck, it looked as Kljajić had fallen asleep in the meantime.)
In the 60th minute, well, the truth is that Saša Ilić lost the ball, as if it was an U6-game... Veselinović grabbed it and ran upfield. He crossed, Denić arrived and headed it into our goal. That was it. 2:0
From this point on Rad started to play time. Their players fell on the ground after every clash, rolling on the field for long minutes. In the 66th minute Trninić played the dying swan. Time passed, well, the home team didn’t have anything to be hasty for.
In the 67th minute Stevanović ran up on the left and crossed, the goalkeeper caught it.
In the 71st minute Saša Ilić passed the ball to Brašanac. Brašanac lost the ball, corner-kick. The ball was kicked downfield by Rad-defenders, but we still possessed it. First Andrija Živković shot, he was blocked. Then Stevanović had a try, his shot was too  high. We got the ball back, Andrija Živković dribbled himself through the defenders on the left, then crossed to the middle. Bojinov arrived, his only job was to walk into the net with the ball. 2:1


In the 78th minute Andrija Živković shot from the distance, it was too wide.
In the 80th minute we got a free kick. Andrija Živković stood behind the ball, but he shot it into the wall. The ball dropped back to him, he shot again, this time the goalkeeper caught it. (Meanwhile the player that was hit by the ball performed a dying scene on the grass. And well, Grave Diggers were totally silent.)
In the 82nd minute we crossed into the penalty area from a 40-metre free kick. Bojinov headed it, but the ball probably slipped on his bald head, because the shot was brutally high.
Then in the 84th minute we could equalize after a corner-kick. Andrija Živković kicked the ball in, Ćirković jumped up and headed it right in front of Bojinov. The Bulgarian shot and scored. 2:2

We happy, Vincent?

In the 88th minute Brašanac had a distant shot, the goalkeeper again had a great save.
The game was torn to pieces for the last minutes. There were too many fouls, the referee gave out a lot of yellow cards. Rad-players were rolling on the field, fans again chanted "Uprava napolje".




Venue: Kralj Petar I Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 1000
Referee: Srđan Jovanović (assistants: Uroš Stojković, Dragan Bogićević - 4th assistant: Vukan Gordić - goal line assistants: Marko Popović, Lazar Lukić)

Rad: Budaković - Vico, Đurić, Trninić, Bašanović - Vidić, Ljubinković - Mladenović (Lutovac, 65.), Veselinović, Denić (Kolarević, 82.) - Arsenijević (Nenadović, 72.)
Head coach: Milan Milanović

FK Partizan: Kljajić - Bandalovski, Ćirković, Fabricio, Leković - Jevtović (Golubović, 74.), Brašanac - A. Živković, S. Ilić, Ninković (Stevanović, 46.) - Šaponjić (Bojinov, 58.)
Head coach: Ljubinko Drulović

Goal scorers: Trninić (37.), Denić (60.), Bojinov (72., 84.)
Yellow card: Vico (3.), Ninković (39.), Jevtović (52.), Bandalovski (62.), Trninić (64.), Đurić (80.), Budaković (82.), Vidić (90+1.), Brašanac (90+1.)

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 59 points
2. Borac 37 points
3. Čukarički 36 points
4. Vojvodina 34 points
5. Partizan 33 points
6. Radnički Niš 32 points
7. Javor 30 points
8. Mladost 30 points
9. FK Voždovac 28 points
10. Surdulica 24 points
11. Novi Pazar 23 points
12. Metalac 21 points
13. OFK Beograd 18 points
14. Rad 16 points
15. Jagodina 16 points
16. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 13 points

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