Friday, December 4, 2015

VK Partizan - Crvena Zvezda 14:3 (Serbian Cup semifinal)

We didn't just win, we ran through them, demolished them, quartered them, tore them to pieces and dug their grave. Then we buried them to 3 metres deep.

Again there was no working stream at all, RTS seemed to block all available broadcasts beyond the Serbian frontiers. There wasn't anything else left again than waiting for Fellow Fan's message with the result.

It was only the first quarter when Zvezda could be a more or less equal opponent for Partizan. Subotić scored a goal at the very beginning, at this point Zvezda equalized. No problem, Subotić quickly scored another goal, we took back the lead.
What is more,
3:1, Tanasković.
Second quarter.

At this point a message came from Fellow Fan about RTS interrupting the sports broadcast, because a fathead politician just had to announce something right then. And of course RTS 2 just HAD TO broadcast it live instead of Partizan. I’d like to remind all those in charge that there are 3 other goddamned civil service TV channels available beside RTS 2. But no, just no, the public (and Grave Diggers) must know the importance list and what "double standards" mean.

Never mind. We were still leading. Our advantage was 7:1 at the half-time.
In the third quarter we continued the joyous training match. Zvezda scored a goal though, but so did we, just we did 5. We were leading to 12:2 before heading to the final part.
In the last quarter we scored only two goals (hey, we have to spare energies for the Cup final, right?), red team also scored one.
The hero of the day was of course Gavril Subotić with 4 goals. He is followed by a row of players who all scored 2-2 goals (Marko Manojlović, Radomir Drašović, Draško Gogov and Đorđe Tanasković). Đorđe Vučinić and Filip Radojević added 1-1 goal to this smashing victory.


Cup final will start tomorrow at 20:30.

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