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FK Partizan - Borac 2:1 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 22 - last round of the autumn season)

First, a big thank you to this Youtube-channel for uploading the entire game. Yesterday the devil of technology killed me. For unknown reason the speed of my net connection was below zero, for this reason all streams were unwatchable. Even Partizan’s official live score text page was unavailable sometimes.

I would have terminated the contract with the current provider long ago, if I hadn’t hated so much to fight with customer service idiots, whose IQ-level is equal to square root two, not mentioning the disgusting tricks of local service providers, that are quite common over here. But if all goes well, this current state won’t last too long anymore.

A big high five (into the face, possibly with a pool table) to all those who decided to put the last round of the autumn season to weekday, well, generally for organizing the time-table of this season to end it on Wednesday instead of week-end.
Partizan played this game behind closed doors. We got this punishment after the game against Vojvodina, when the referee was overly sensitive towards fan chants and almost surely cried a river about it at FSS.

The team warmed up in front of empty stands
(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

Borac attacked right in the first minute from the left, Fabricio blocked it. In the 3rd minute we got a free kick, 25 metres from the goal line. Fabricio shot it, it wasn't too high, the ball dropped right into the goalkeeper's hands.

Darko Brašanac was Partizan’s team captain
(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

The 6th minute brought another Borac-attack. The attacker crossed from the left to the other side of the field. The ball rolled out of the sideline. Throw-in, the ball dropped to Mićić, he shot, it was rather imprecise. Kljajić caught it.
A minute later Jovanović passed the ball forward on the left. Someone from Borac’s attackers shot, it was a weak one. It caused no headache for Kljajić.
It was visible even at this point that Partizan again has barely any ideas about how and what to play. There was again nothing but fumbling and clueless passing of the ball here and there. Borac used the tactics of full-field press, which rather confused Partizan’s players. Finally, in the 10th minute Aboubakar got the ball. He forwarded it to Lukić, Lukić, well, nobody knows whom he wanted to cross or shoot to, nevertheless the ball rolled fast to the left side. Leković sped up, he could still catch it and crossed it to the middle. Bojinov headed it, it was too wide.

It was so wide it caused actual physical pain.

In the 11th minute Lukić got the ball. He ran up, shot, it was too wide. Way too wide.
After the first 15 minutes it was also visible that it will be a very crappy match that stinks from sweat. Both teams pressed hard, but with no shoot, not even any attempt.

As an extra, for some odd reason Aboubakar has the tendency to slip over the ball at least once at every game, mostly in the middle of an attack. i don’t know how it’s possible... I’ll be honest, I’m not too fond of the Cameroonian, I find him a one-dimensional player (he does what he is asked for, but nothing more, also nothing less, bit like a robot), and after such moments his reputation gets even lower in my eyes.

In the 17th minute Jovančić sent an excellent pass to Knežević. Knežević ran up, Kljajić bursted out of the goalmouth. He clashed with Knežević, Knežević tripped and fell, but the referee didn’t whistle. On the other side Milan Jevtović arrived and shot the ball right into the net. 0:1
Bojinov broke the remainings of my nerve cells. I have never seen such a slow, sluggish striker ever in my whole life. All defenders tackle him any time, he is too slow for passes and crosses, he misses out countless chances and attempts and he is not a team player either. As for talent... well, it was probably not available at that area where he is from. Off the field he is a terribly stupid monkey who has darkness in his head and spends his time showing off at social network sites. Had he invested just half of that energy into goal-shooting as he invests into his haircut and posting brainless photos on Instagram, we would be much more ahead.

To all those who got shocked on my words now, also to all Bojinov-fangirls and fanboys: on one hand, I couldn’t care less for you being butthurt. On the other, knowing that this poser came to Partizan, because nobody else wanted to sign him, and even Partizan signed him only because they didn’t have to pay for him a cent, well, knowing this you can shut the fuck up. (You can look at his career, he spent most of his time in the reverse team at every club, while he was literally kicked out of Sporting like a leper.)
All those who dare to whine now something like "oh, but he scores goals, why are you so rude to him": that’s his job, idiots. He is a striker. That’s why he gets his money, that’s why he was brought here. The problem is that he’s doing everything but scoring goals the way he should.

Partizan was struggling ahead. The team had XXL-sized piles for now, but we still lacked ideas about how and what to do. As for attempts, there was none, not even just to demonstrate we’re still trying.
In the 21st minute Leković got the ball. He crossed it to Aboubakar in the middle, he shot, it was brutally high.
In the 29th minute Bandalovski could make it to the penalty area at long last. Well, in fact it wasn’t even an attempt, it was just some trying, but at least something happened. The goalkeeper nevertheless caught the ball, though he absolutely didn’t have to exert himself.
A minute later Andrija Živković dribbled himself into the penalty area, he shoot, the defenders blocked, corner kick.

This was the first corner kick of the game. It says everything about the level that there were only 3 corner kicks during the entire game (2 for Partizan, 1 for Borac).

In the 38th minute Lukić got the ball on the left and forwarded it to Petrović. Petrović crossed to Brašanac, Brašanac sent it forward to Andrija Živković at the other side. Žile most probably got fed up with the general fumbling, he shot and the ball dropped into the net. 1:1

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

In the 40th minute Aboubakar got the ball on the left. He ran up, crossed to the middle. Guess, who was there? Bojinov. Guess, what he did? He successfully kicked the ball right into the goalkeeper from 2 centimetres.
Finally, in the 43rd minute Knežević had a sudden, distant shot from the left. Kljajić had a great save, the ball rolled out, corner kick. The kick was headed too high by Vujaklija.
In the second half the level of the game was just the same as in the first one. The only change was that Brašanac was substituted, Andrija Živković was wearing the captain’s armband in the second half.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

Do you know that feeling when a match is such a crap that it causes physical pain and you countdown the minutes on how much you have left?
Well, this match was just this kind.
The first event to mention happened in the 58th minute. We lost the ball, Mićić grabbed it, he forwarded it with a long pass, no flag up, Knežević ran up, he shot, it was too high.
In the 63rd minute Aboubakar ran up with the ball in the middle. He crossed it out to the Young Captain, who dribbled into the penalty area. Defenders immediately surrounded him, so he passed the ball back to Aboubakar. Aboubakar shot, the goalkeeper had a great save.
A minute later Leković ran up on the left. At the penalty area he crossed to the middle, Bojinov arrived, all doors and windows were open, the Bulgarian shot, too wide.
In the 66th minute Lukić crossed to Andrija Živković. Živković shot from 17 metres, too high.

It was more and more like a torture.

In the 77th minute Grbić passed to Andrija Živković. Živković dribbled himself up, then shot from a sharp angle. The defenders cleared, but they all surely had a cardial arrest.
In the 81st minute Kosović forwarded the ball to Lukić with a soft, excellent pass. Lukić ran up, shot, the goalkeeper had a great save. The ball dropped to Andrija Živković, he shot, too wide.
In the 83rd minute Kosović got the ball. He ran up on the right, crossed to the middle, where Bojinov shot the ball into a defender.
A minute later Stevanović forwarded the ball to Bojinov. Bojinov had great luck this time, because defenders were all behind, he couldn’t kick the ball into anyone. This way he could ran up to the penalty area and shot the ball into the net by the falling goalkeeper. 2:1

If I saw it well, Baldhead ran out to the sideline right after his goal and hugged Vazura.
Please, tell me, that I didn’t see it well, I don’t want to throw up.

For the rest of the game, Stevanović broke the record of "shortest time of getting two yellow cards and clear off the field". Stevanović made it within 3 minutes. (First yellow card: 89th minute, second yellow card: 90+2nd minute.)
I swear, it’s high time for the end of the season.



Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: -
Referee: Vlado Glođović (assistants: Dejan Petrović, Matija Olajos-Nagy - 4th assistant: Srđan Kaurin - goal line assistants: Novak Simović, Róbert Kis-Csepegi)

FK Partizan: Kljajić - Bandalovski, Ćirković (Grbić, 46.), Fabricio, Leković - Petrović, Lukić - A. Živković, Brašanac (Kosović, 46.), Aboubakar (Stevanović, 69.) - Bojinov
Head coach: Ljubinko Drulović

Borac: Bajić - Đorđević, Drašković, Tanasin, S. Živković - Mićić (Obradović, 67.), Jovančić - Milan Jevtović, Vukmirović (Milojević, 86.), Knežević - Vujaklija (Đerić, 71.)
Head coach: Milorad Kosanović

Goal scorers: Milan Jevtović (17.), A. Živković (38.), Bojinov (84.)
Yellow card: Milan Jevtović (34.), Vukmirović (40.), Grbić (50.), Mićić (59.), Lukić (73.), Petrović (86.), Stevanović (89.)
Red card: Stevanović (90+2., second yellow card)

End result of the autumn season:
1. CZ 62 points
2. Čukarički 37 points
3. Borac 37 points
4. Partizan 36 points
5. Vojvodina 35 points
6. Radnički Niš 32 points
7. Mladost 31 points
8. Javor 30 points
9. FK Voždovac 29 points
10. Surdulica 27 points
11. Metalac 24 points
12. Novi Pazar 24 points
13. OFK Beograd 19 points
14. Jagodina 19 points
15. Rad 16 points
16. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 15 points

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