Monday, November 30, 2015

HK Partizan - HK Vojvodina 12:1 (Serbian ice hockey league, round 2)

Meanwhile the basketball team was wrestling with the Croatians, our ice hockey team rushed through Vojvodina with another easy training match.
An interesting background for this match might be that the two teams met during the 2008/09 season last time (and even then the game was cancelled, because a fire broke in Vojvodina's locker room and their whole equipment was destroyed).
This time Marko Milovanović and Dimitrije Filipović took the team on their back; the first one achieved a hat-trick (as well as two assists), the latter one added five (!) assists to wash off the Novi Sad team. In the first period the standing was 3:0 after 12 minutes (goal scorers: Milovanović, Korshikov, Nemanja Janković), then within the next 4 minutes we scored 4 more goals. After the first part we were leading to 7:0. In the second period Raković flashed (8:0), Janković scored a second goal (9:0) and it was still only 26 minutes gone from the game. Then the pace slowed down - for us the standing was more than perfect, as for Vojvodina, nothing seemed to work out. Finally, after long struggle their player Milan Nikolić scored from power play, achieving the only goal of Vojvodina. Yet the period was still not over. 26 seconds before the end buzz Vlasov scored another goal. Partizan headed to the final part with 10:1.
In the last period Čuković scored two more goals. The first one he threw in the beginning, the second around the end.
Then it was time to celebrate.

(Nota bene: Our Russian player Stanislav Izvekov also joined the goal scorers’ list with one goal.)
Partizan won this game to 12:1, our next match will be the eternal derby tomorrow (if all goes well...) at 17:30 in Pionir Ice Hall.
Some photos from the game:

(photos: Facebook/Hokejaški klub Partizan (Fan page))

Current championship standings:
1. Partizan 6 points
2. Tisza Volán 6 points
3. CZ 3 points*
4. NS Stars 0 point*
5. Vojvodina 0 point
6. Red Team 0 point
7. HK Vitez 0 point**

* - played only one game so far
** - no games played yet

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