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KK Partizan - Budućnost 86:77 (Adriatic League, Round 9)

What a victory, oh my God. We won over the opponent with a fantastic, exciting, screaming-nailbiting, going-into-the-heaven-at-the-end match.
The game started with a very nice gesture. A few weeks ago, after the game against Krka a photo circulated around the internet about a little boy, who was sitting at his chair crying, being devastated by the unjust defeat.

(photo: Facebook/Grobarski trash romantizam)

KK Partizan found the little boy and invited him to their training. He even got his very own jersey and he became the 13th member of the team.

(photos: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Being the 13th member of the team he walked out to the court together with the team before the start of the game. As a serious, regular player must do.

He shook hands with the referees as well
(photo: Twitter)

Can you show any little boy whose biggest dream is not this?...

Then we walked out to the court, Cvetković came, saw and scored (2:0). After Budućnost’s equalizing Jones quickly changed the standing to 6:2. The only problem was that Budućnost took the lead (6:7). And as trouble never comes alone, Andrić got injured again, only 1-2 minutes after the start, even though he has just recovered from his previous one. He limped off the court and couldn’t join back the game.

So far there are almost no news about Andrić’s injury and most probably there’ll be none before Monday. After the match head coach Petar Božić just said, they very much hope it’s not more than a pulled muscle.

The standing became 6:10 in the meantime. The opponent had a Canadian player, namely Devoe Joseph, who kept on scoring 3-pointers. He was awful and unstoppable. They made it to 10:18. Aranitović reduced the difference to 15:18, but it quickly changed to 15:23. Anđušić brought a 3-pointer (18:23), so did the other side (18:26). Meanwhile referees put themselves into action. At 20:28 they invalidated Vitkovac’s basket, for God knows which reason, the slow motion replay didn’t show any foul. Fans booed, whistled, Average Fan just had a bitter sigh and started to fall into depression. We finished the first quarter with 22:30, Anđušić scored a basket soon before the end.

Fans messaged to Duško Vujošević with their banners, saying thank you to the former head coach for all his work and dedication
(photo: Twitter)

The second quarter didn’t start easily either. The difference became two-digit (22:32). Vrabac tried to reduce it (24:32) and at this point something started to get into motion. Jones caught Marinković’s rebound and smashed it into the basket (26:32). Marinković scored a giga-sized 3-pointer, throwing it probably from the neighbourly Charlie Chaplin street (29:32). Then Marinković suddenly fell on the ground, after clashing an opponent player. Free throw, Anđušić stood to the paint, and the difference became only 1 point (31:32). Budućnost tried with all their might to keep their advantage (31:34), but we kept the pace either by Vrabac’s basket (33:34) or by Perović’s score (35:36). At 35:38 referees gave a random free throw to the guests, because why not (35:40), so did they after Đumić’s basket, because they were in the mood, probably (37:41). But Đumić still kept the log (and the steam roller) rolling (39:41), then Aranitović sped up and equalized (41:41).
And after this we took back the lead with Marinković’s core. 43:41, bre!!


And just 2 seconds before the half time buzz the referee whistled a foul on Vrabac and gave a gift free throw to Budućnost.
We finished the first half with 43:42, Budućnost’s player missed out one free throw, the referees’ attempt to equalize had failed.

Children playing on the court in half-time
(photo: Twitter)

The third part started with Anđušić’s amazing steal and brutal basket (45:42). Then Budućnost attacked and all we could see was Anđušić suddenly falling to the ground. The slow motion replay clearly showed Budućnost’s player pushing Anđušić down on purpose.
Can you guess what the referee judged?
Yes, you found it out.
Fail on Anđušić. Don’t ever ask why.
Of course with the usual gift free throw to Budućnost. 45:44
What is more, the guests took back the lead. 45:46, it’s just impossible. I started to search for a spade to dig my own grave.
But here came Vitkovac, he scored and took us back the lead (47:46). What is more, the difference grew to 49:46.

I couldn’t see who scored this latter basket, my net died for a short while. (Me, too.)

And it could have been even 51:46, but the corrupted referees invalidated Jones’s basket, because they could do it.

May all the biased referees of Adriatic League get diarrhea at a public place.

Eventually we got a free throw, Cvetković scored (51:46, at long last), but referees continued to run amok. They seemed to hate a couple of Partizan-players... Then an opponent player pushed Vitkovac to the ground while attacking. Referees didn’t whistle, but a bit later they still gave foul to Aranitović, nobody knows, why.

It was too much even for the usually modest Petar Božić

At this point something was thrown to the court. No, unfortunately it didn’t hit the referee.

But Aranitović isn’t that kind of player who can get discouraged by a foul. He raised our difference to 53:48 from free throw, then he threw a 3-pointer as well (56:48). At 56:52 Marinković shot and scored (58:52). Jones kept our 4-point difference (60:56), Marinković also helped (62:58), at the end of the quarter the Jones-Anđušić axis made it to 68:61.



Murić has still not recovered, for 5 months now

We were ready for the last quarter.
Budućnost reduced the difference to 68:64. After that referees fouled out Đumić. The guests equalized (68:68). Marinković took back the lead from free throw (70:68), the opponent equalized again (70:70).

Volatile salt, defibrillator, grave digger, priest, last sacrament to me, NOW...

...and then came the Jones-Cvetković duo.
It was amazing what these two made in the last minutes.

(gifs: GlimmerKKP)

From 72:70 we made it to 84:72!!!
Budućnost tried to reduce the difference (84:75), but Jones scored again (86:75). For the end there were two opponent free throws left, they settled the end result with them (86:77), also Jones deserves the "Rebound King" title.

Absolutely well-deserved celebration
(photo: Twitter)


KK Partizan: Cvetković (12), Aranitović (12), Jones (18), Marinković (14), Vitkovac (3), Đumić (4), Perović (2), Magdevski, Andrić. Milutinović (2), Vrabac (6), Anđušić (13)

Budućnost: Suad Sehović (4), Jaramaz (13), Subotić (7), Sead Sehović (4), Ćarapić, Cook (11), Baćović (4), Ilić, Dragićević (11), Marić (2), Rikić (6), Joseph (15)


League table comes later, there are a few games left from this round.

Update: current League standings
1. CZ 16 points
2. Budućnost 16 points
3. Cedevita 15 points
4. Mega Leks 15 points
5. Krka 14 points
6. Union Olimpija 13 points
7. Igokea 13 points
8. MZT Skopje 13 points
9. Cibona 13 points
10. Zadar 13 points
11. Metalac 13 points
12. Partizan 12 points
13. Tajfun Šentjur 12 points
14. Sutjeska 11 points

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