Monday, November 30, 2015

Radnički Kragujevac - OK Partizan 3:1 (superliga, round 6)

Yesterday there were two more games Partizan-teams took part at. The volleyball team travelled to Kragujevac to clash with Radnički.
Well... why should we try to attenuate it? We had a nasty defeat.
All looked smooth at the start. We won the first set to 16:25. It all seemed to be easy, maybe Veličković and Lopar even told each other jokes while rotation.
Then something surely happened, because Radnički sped up unbelievably for the second set - so much that they won it to 25:9 (!!!). (They made it to 8:2 even in the beginning, with black magic maybe...)
For the third part head coach Vladimir Vasović calmed down the upheaval in the heads. Kragujevac was still leading for the entire set (most probably), but the result was more narrow than the previous. The home team won it to 27:25, leading to 2:1 at this point, but hope was still not lost.
The problem was that Kragujevac mercilessly won the fourth (and last) set as well. It ended with 25:19, and with this Radnički won the game to 3:1.
The hero of the day was Luka Veličković with 11 points. He is followed by Aleksa Polomac (9), Boris Buša and Marko Popović (8-8), Dušan Lopar (7), Dimitrije Pantić and Vukasin Nedeljković (3-3) as well as Ivan Kostić (2).

Current championship standings:
1. Vojvodina 15 points
2. Novi Pazar 13 points*
3. CZ 12 points*
4. Niš 9 points
5. Spartak Ljig 9 points
6. Klek 8 points
7. Radnički 8 points
8. Partizan 7 points
9. Ribnica 5 points
10. Inđija 1 point

Teams marked with * played only 5 games up to now.

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