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Metalac - FK Partizan 1:0 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 16)

Dear fellow fans, I suggest all of you to play this video as a background music while reading this match report. (This way it all gets a surrealistic atmosphere, and maybe it will be a bit less frustrating.)

We got stuck in our half even in the beginning. Until the 4th minute there was some old-man-styled slow-paced ball-passing, then we got a free kick about 25 metres from the goal line. Babović stood behind the ball.
Dear Grave Diggers, I have been watching football matches for more than 25 years now, but I have never ever seen such a SHITTY free kick ever in my life. The ball got up high, fell into the middle of the penalty area like an overripened pear, a defender immediately kicked it out. Aboubakar grabbed it, but his shot flew out near the goalpost.
...and we continued to fumble, slowly, without speeding up. We couldn’t break out of our half, Metalac possessed the ball much more and tried with goal attempts from both sides.

News speak about Ivica Iliev, Partizan’s brand new sports director going into the locker room at the Serbian Cup game against Sinđelić, yelling off all the players for their terrible, atrocious performance. (Iliev himself told about it to Mozzartsport.) I absolutely agree with Iliev, I still wonder though, what kind of consequences there will be after this game.

In the 9th minute Petrović passed to Stevanović. Stevanović was all alone in the penalty area, but he fumbled too much and missed it out.
In the 11th minute Metalac got a corner kick. One of them shot outside the penalty area Kljajić saved, but lost the ball. Finally our defenders cleared the area, but Metalac still possessed the ball. Mladenović sent finally a flat shot to our goal line from 16 metres, Kljajić saved this one, too.
In the 16th minute Metalac got a penalty kick.
Ostojić was wrestling with Đenić inside the penalty area, then Metalac’s striker suddenly made splits and stayed on the ground with a painful face. The referee immediately pointed at the white dot inside the penalty area and even showed the yellow card to Ostojić. Mladenović stood behind the ball, shot and scored, 1:0.
In the 19th minute Petrović had a distant shot, but it was too wide.
Then... well, then we continued to fumble. Metalac still possessed the ball much more than us.

WE DIDN’T ATTACK. It was something brand new. Someone, please, tell me, what is there behind it? Can coaches not bring the best out of the players, or we are simply this crappy?

In the 24th minute we got a free kick, 17 metres from the goal line on the right side. Babović stood behind the ball, he shot, it was too high.
In the 30th minute Ostojić was sent off. The defender was pulling Metalac’s player with two hands (the slow motion replay showed it clearly), and as he already had a yellow card, referee Dimitrijević showed him the red one.

Ostojić, you’re a nice sort of fellow, aren’t you? It’s one thing that the referee wasn’t in shape today (to say the least), but boy, when you already have a yellow card, you mustn’t get into any combat fight. Is that clear?...

And we continued the fumbling, passing the ball without any idea, now with 10 players. Metalac didn’t speed up either. For the rest of the first half the only thing that happened was that Partizan-fans hit the assistant on the head with something, making the game pause for a few minutes.

Nice job, you idiots. Now even FSS will kick us into the ass because of you. As if the team didn’t have enough problems even without this.

Metalac had two quick actions in the extra time, probably against total boredom. First Mladenović shot from 20 metres, it was too high. Then they led an attack almost immediately from the left. Metalac’s player passed it to the middle, for our greatest luck Dimitrijević (not the referee, but the midfielder of the home team, Nikola Dimitrijević) wasn’t quick enough to grab the ball.
In the beginning of the second half there was some action. In the 50th minute Aboubakar got the ball from Vulićević on the right. He headed it to the goal, but it was too wide. Two minutes later Đenić ran up on the left side, he shot, Kljajić saved to corner. The corner kick was cleared well by Ćirković, but the ball fell to Nikodijević. He shot from the distance, but it was to high. In the 54th minute Brković sent a distant, flat shot to our goal line, it was too wide. A minute later we got a free kick, 22 metres from the goal line on the right. Babović stood behind the ball, he ran up, give a huge kick to the ball, which almost flew out of the stadium.
In the 61st minute again Brkić had a try from 17 metres, too wide. They still possessed the ball, Mladenović got it, he shot, Kljajić saved.
In the 62nd minute Metalac got a free kick on the left side, 17 metres from the goal line, in a rather sharp angle. The shot was blocked by our defenders and Šaponjić immediately ran up for a counter-attack. He made a huge solo, rushing up to Metalac’s penalty area, but there goalkeeper Belić ran out of the goalmouth and with great pace he threw himself into Šaponjić’s way and caught the ball.

To all those who curse Šaponjić now: first, this match did not depend on this one very attempt. Second, what could the striker do, when he is not served by the midfielders? What on earth could a striker do when there is an egoistic, self-centered midfielder, who has never heard of team-work, who never wants to pass the ball to him, but rather keeps it, fumbling, being tackled and eventually losing the ball?

In the 63rd minute Dimitrijević shot from a sharp angle in the left, it was too wide. Two minutes later the home team got a free kick, Ćirković blocked. A minute later Stevanović had an attempt, but hit the goalpost brutally with the ball. Metalac started a counter-attack, again Ćirković blocked them.

Can we please place Ćirković to the defense line and forget about Ostojić, like, forever?

Then nothing ever happened on the field for long. Partizan-players became more and more nervous, but we still didn’t attack, we did only the usual fumbling. Finally in the 74th minute we got a free kick 25-28 metres from the goal line. Jevtović shot, the ball hit the wall and fell right into the goalkeeper’s hand. A minute later Kljajić had a very bad goal-kick. The ball dropped to Luković, he immediately shot, too high.
In the 77th minute we got a free kick

out of these few free kicks we didn’t cause any upheaval in front of Metalac’s goal line

17-18 metres from the goal, on the right. Babović stood behind the ball, kicking it right into the wall. In the 78th minute Đenić sent a shot from the middle to our goal, barely missing it.
In the 81th minute Simov presented a perfect handball movement in the middle of the field. He reached out for the ball with his left hand, caught it and passed it down for himself. The slow motion replay clearly showed the deliberateness of his action. The ball arrives, Simov reaches out, up in the air, and with an easy movement he catches it, for personal use, probably.
Any referee in this world would have sent off Simov immediately with a red card. But for Dejan Dimitrijević it was not worth more than a yellow card.

Who bribed the referee and how much did they pay for him?

In the 82nd minute we got a corner kick. After the shot we tried to kick the ball into the net at least 4 times, both from distance and from nearby, but all, ALL our attempts were blocked by the defenders.
In the 90th minute Metalac had a counter-attack. Dimitrijević shot, Kljajić saved, meanwhile fans threw a firecracker into the field.
There was one Partizan free kick left for the 90+2nd minute, 25 metres from the goal line on the right. Babović stood behind the ball, who else. Balažic could touch the ball with his head, but it was too wide.

This is the one and only photo I’m willing to upload about the game, because there is the best player of this game on it. (Hint: has got 4 legs.)
(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)



Venue: Metalac Stadium, Gornji Milanovac
Number of spectators: 2000
Referee: Dejan Dimitrijević (assistants: Nemanja Petrović, Nenad Kurčubić - 4th assistant: Goran Stanojević - goal line assistants: Ilija Brdar, Zoran Široki)

Metalac: Belić - Nikodijević, Simov, Otašević, Rnić - Panić - Dimitrijević, Brkić (Stojković, 72.), Merdović (Luković, 70.), Mladenović - Đenić (Dopuđ, 90+2.)
Head coach: Nenad Vanić

FK Partizan: Kljajić - Vulićević, Balažic, Ostojić, Subić - Jevtović, Petrović (Ćirković, 37.) - Stevanović, Babović, Aboubakar (Grbić, 67.) - Šaponjić (Bojinov, 73.)
Head coach: Ljubinko Drulović

Goal scorer: Mladenović (16. - pen.)
Yellow card: Ostojić (16.), Brkić (40.), Balažic (69.), Simov (81.)
Red card: Ostojić (30.), second yellow card

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 44 points
2. Borac 30 points
3. Čukarički 26 points
4. Partizan 25 points
5. Javor 25 points
6. Radnički Niš 25 points
7. Vojvodina 22 points
8. FK Voždovac 21 points
9. Mladost 20 points
10. Novi Pazar 20 points
11. Metalac 18 points
12. Surdulica 17 points
13. OFK Beograd 15 points
14. Rad 13 points
15. Jagodina 11 points
16. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 7 points

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