Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cedevita - KK Partizan 75:72 (Adriatic League, Round 12)

Again a goddamned, fucking game that was won by the referees for the opponent in the last quarter. This was not the first time... and how much is there left?...
We had such a great start though.
We walked out to the court, then Jones flashed and we were leading to 0:5. Cedevita switched the standing, they even made it to 11:7.
Their happiness didn’t last for long.
First it was Jones (11:9).
Then Milutinović, from free throw (11:10).
Magdevski came, saw and smashed. We were leading again (11:12).
Vitkovac, from free throw (11:14).
Jones again, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, Big Kev knows it well. (11:16) We made a 9-point series. From here we had a solid lead, finishing the first part to 17:23.
We kept our advantage for the entire second quarter as well. Cedevita equalized only once (25:25), but we made a 7-point series as an answer (25:32). For the end of the first half the home team came dangerously close (31:32), but we kept the lead with the scores of Jones and Marinković. The half-time result was 35:36.

Vitkovac surrounded by Cedevita-players. Vrabac is watching, while Đumić is wrestling with a defender in the background

In the third quarter the counter was switching back and forth. At first Cedevita took the lead (37:36), we took it back (37:38), with Jones’s basket. They threw another one (39:38), so did Vitkovac (39:40). And so on. The difference was minimal, 1 or maybe 2 points here or there. Then at 44:43 Wilson equalized from free throw (44:44). Cedevita scored a 3-pointer (47:44), we took back the lead with the baskets of Aranitović and Perović (47:48). The back-and-forth game continued. Finally we shook ourselves, at 47:46 we took back the lead again with Perović’s free throw (47:48), Đumić quickly scored as well (47:50). The home team threw, too (49:50), but Vitkovac scored one more just before the end. We finished the third part with 49:52.
The last quarter was like a nightmare. The game was going on eventlessly until that point, but for the last part it seemed as if all the devils of hell entered the court to turn everything upside down. As if everything would have conspired against us. Cedevita quickly took back the lead and made it to 58:54. Vitkovac and Walker started a wrestling fight, as if the American would have always be seeking for a chance to cross Partizan’s player.

He even had such a unique hairstyle

Then finally the referee took a deep breath and gave us a free throw. Vitkovac scored, the difference was only 1 point (55:54).
It didn’t last long. Cedevita settled back their 4-5-point advantage they gained in the last quarter (60:56). We approached them again (63:62), Jones even took back the lead (63:64).
At this point Marinković scored such a giant 3-pointer like a dream. But the mentally handicapped referees invalidated it saying that it was scored right at the buzz. Slow motion replay, everyone was staring at the screen... then the referee waved to go ahead, making it sure for everyone that the only thing Partizan can get here is the last sacrament, maybe, but not this 3-pointer.
From this point on Cedevita kept the lead for the rest of the game. We could equalize only once, 18 seconds before the end. The standing was 71:71 - and then Anđušić missed out a 3-pointer attempt.

Again and again I can say only what I have already said numerous times: only those are allowed to throw a stone on Danilo Anđušić who never ever screwed up anything, never ever tripped and fell in the great, decisive moment. Dear fellow fans who are full of hatred now: we are all humans. He, too, just like you, no matter how much a few of you try to act as an all-knowing demigod.

And the referee just had to whistle a foul against Partizan in this moment. 73:71. Only 11 seconds are left. We also get a free throw. 73:72, only 6 seconds are left.
Unbelievable. The referee again whistles a foul against Partizan. And Cedevita scores from the gift free throw, of course. 74:72. Only 5 seconds are left.
The referee can’t keep quiet. Only 2 seconds were left when he whistled again a foul against Partizan. It just can’t be. And Cedevita scores. That’s the end. 75:72


Cedevita: Pullen (12), White (9), Katić (5), Pilepić (6), Babić (9), Žganec (2), Walker (11), Musa, Bilan (13), Gordić (2), Žorić (4), Arapović (2)

KK Partizan: Cvetković, Aranitović (4), Jones (21), Marinković (5), Vitkovac (10), Đumić (2), Perović (6), Magdevski (8), Milutinović (3), Vrabac (2), Wilson (3), Anđušić (8)

League table will be brought later.

Update: current standing of the League
1. Budućnost 22 points
2. CZ 21 points
3. Cedevita 21 points
4. Mega Leks 21 points
5. Zadar 19 points
6. Krka 18 points
7. Igokea 17 points
8. Union Olimpija 17 points
9. Tajfun Šentjur 17 points
10. MZT Skopje 16 points
11. Partizan 16 points
12. Cibona 16 points
13. Metalac 16 points
14. Sutjeska 15 points

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