Monday, November 23, 2015

Red Team - HK Partizan 1:12 (Serbian Ice Hockey League, Round 1)

The ice hockey season has started at long last. In the first round newbie Red Team welcomed Partizan’s ice hockey team in Pionir Ice Hall.

Don’t mix them up with the eternal opponent that is mockingly named "red team" sometimes by Partizan fans. This Red Team was formed in 2008, their original intention is to make ice hockey popular among children. So far they had only youth teams, this is the first season they entered the senior championship.

After this last year’s champion ran through the home team just like a steam roller with a difference of 11 goals.
In the first period we were leading to 4:0, for the second period it grew to 10:0. Finally in the last part we scored two more, that was when Red Team scored their only goal, as a debt of honour.
The two heroes of the day are Pavle Ogrizović and Russian player Stanislav Izvekov, they both scored 3-3 goals. Nemanja Janković, Nenad Raković, Marko Brkušanin, Boban Čuković, Miodrag Pavlović and Russian player Artem Korshikov all scored 1-1 goal.

If there’s any photo or video or any further details about the game, I’ll update the post. (Usually there is, the ice hockey department consists of agile people who selflessly share photos and other material, maybe we just have to wait a bit.)

Update: photos from the match

(photos: Facebook/Hokejaški klub Partizan (Fan page))

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 3 points
2. Partizan 3 points
3. Tisza Volán 3 points
4. Vojvodina 0 point
5. Red Team 0 point**
6. NS Stars 0 point*
7. Vitez 0 point*

* - no games played as of yet
** - two games have been played

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