Sunday, November 22, 2015

POŠK - VK Partizan 7:14 (Triglav Liga, Round 10)

Another easy training match.
There are again only less-than-nothing infos available, but the most important is that we were leading in the first quarter to 1:4. We increased the difference to 3:8 for the half-time. For the third half the standing was 5:12, finally in the last quarter both teams scored 2-2 goals and settled the final result.
The hero of the day is Marko Manojlović with 4 goals. He is followed by Nikola Jakšić and Marko Janković with 2-2 goals. Lukas Gilen, Dimitris Tigkas, Radomir Drašović, Draško Gogov, Mateja Asanović and Filip Radojević added 1-1 goal to the victory.

League table comes later, not all the matches are finished yet.

Update: current standing of the liga
1. Dubrovnik 27 points
2. Primorje 24 points
3. Jadran HN 21 points
4. Partizan 16 points
5. Mladost 16 points
6. Mornar 10 points
7. POŠK 7 points
8. CZ 6 points
9. Vojvodina 3 points
10. Radnički 2 points

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