Thursday, November 12, 2015

OK Partizan - Ribnica 3:0 (superliga, round 4)

RTS 2 was supposed to broadcast this game.

I didn't know about it, because it wasn't mentioned at anywhere. The info crossed me out of the blue.

Eventually they didn't broadcast. Even the live score didn't work at the superliga's home page until the middle of the second set. (At least did.)
The available information is again minimal, the most important is that we took the lead in the first part and didn't let it out of our hands for the whole time. The difference was not that big, but we kept on leading confidently, winning the first game to 25:22.
The second set was a bit more narrow, the difference was only 1-2 points, guests tried to grab our throat, but we were still leading, ending the middle part with 25:23.
The third one was a bit more tough, either we started to get tired or Ribnice sped up for the end, nevertheless in the beginning they took the lead and could keep it until 9:9. At that point we mobilized our restored energies, turned on the Parni valjak, took back the lead and with great fight we won the last part to 25:22.
The two heroes of the day are Boris Buša and Dimitrije Pantić, both scoring 14 points. They are followed by Luka Veličković (13 points), Dušan Lopar (9 points), Aleksa Polomac (6 points) as well as Ivan Kostić and Nemanja Jokanović (1-1 point).

There’s no photo or video footage about the game, because no sports page takes the trouble to publish volleyball superliga reports. Also Wienerliga (the official name of the superliga) has been too lazy, because they haven’t published any photos since forever to their site, and lately they haven’t even uploaded video highlights on Youtube. Even these photos are from the home page of the Serbian volleyball association.

Aleksa Polomac

Boris Buša

League table will be brought later, on Sunday.

Update: current championship standings
1. Vojvodina 9 points
2. Klek 8 points
3. Niš 7 points
4. Novi Pazar 7 points*
5. CZ 6 points*
6. Spartak Ljig 6 points
7. Partizan 6 points
8. Radnički 5 points
9. Ribnica 2 points
10. Inđija 1 point

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