Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Crvena Zvezda - KK Partizan 92:77 (Adriatic League, Round 8)

Another crappy game, crappy defeat, with corrupted referees who shamelessly cheated the second half.
Though we started so well. Kevin Jones debuted at this game, and according to the occasion he scored the first basket of the match (0:2). What is more, after Zvezda equalized, he scored another (2:4). At 6:4 Aranitović brought a 3-pointer (6:7), at 8:7 Milutinović took back the lead (8:9). Then the Cvetković-Jones-Aranitović trio massively stabilized our position (10:17), then Đumić and Cvetković made a two-digit difference (11:21). The result of the first quarter was 13:24, Milutinović scored a 3-pointer before the end buzz.

Cvetković against 3 Zvezda-players
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Well, the thing is, that in the next quarter Zvezda didn’t just reduced their 11-point difference, but even took over the lead.
They got a row of free throws, one after the other. They made it to 23:24, when the referee immediately whistled for the next free throw, switching the standing to 25:24. We could equalize from free throw, that was our first score in the second quarter, by Aranitović (26:26). Instead of basketball they played sometimes wrestling on the court, with free throws after free throws, the standing was 33:28, then Andrić, who returned after a long pause of injury, scored a 3-pointer (33:31).

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Cvetković equalized from free throw (33:33), and took us back the lead by another one (33:34). Another free throw, now by Anđušić (33:36). Then free throw for Zvezda, not just a simple one, but even three (36:36). Then another free throw for them, because why not (37:36). We equalized with the baskets of Cvetković and Perović (40:40), then referees took on the red-white striped jersey

or they have been wearing it under their usual referee shirt for the whole time

and we finished the first half with 45:40.
The third quarter was awful.
Zvezda found somewhere an American player named Quincy Miller, who is approx. the same kind of player as Nikola Kalinić was (whom they thankfully got rid of and the guy now sucks the blood of Bogdan Bogdanović and Jan Vesely in Fenerbahce). Miller is just the same boorish, annoying, aggressive, arrogant cretin as Kalinić was. Miller was there at everywhere, Miller scored and even sulphuric acid couldn’t have washed the nasty grin off his face.
As for us... well, the quarter was started by Cvetković (45:42). Aranitović also scored once (47:44), so did Đumić (49:47), then came a long silence. Zvezda made it to 54:47, when Aranitović scored a 3-pointer (54:50).
Then it was 61:50. Don’t ever ask how.
(In short: by very aggressive foul-court press, pushing our players to the ground, while the referees became blind.) We had only free throws as chances. First Vitkovac (61:52), then Aranitović (61:53), also Milutinović (63:54). At 63:55 Vitkovac scored the only field goal of the quarter by us (63:58), then he scored again from free throw (65:60). We finished the quarter with 68:60.

Marinković, Vrabac and Jones unite their forces to stop Štimac
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

The end was terrible. We were struggling, Zvezda was leading with almost 20 points. At 80:61 Jones tried to hold us back (80:63), so did Perović (82:64), but then there was no stop... The standing was 87:65, when Cvetković scored a 3-pointer.
Meanwhile fan groups were mocking each others. From the red corner they were yelling a very sarcastic "Dule, vrati se" (Dule - aka Duško Vujošević -, come back), while Grave Diggers made their opinion clear-cut about Čović, Zvezda’s basketball president: "Sa Kosova si pare uzeo, četiri firme si otvorio, na vlasti ostaješ, sve potplaćuješ, u zatvor brzo ideš, videćeš" (approx: You brought your money out of Kosovo, you opened four firms, you bribe everyone, you quickly go to prison, you’ll see).

(photo: Twitter)

The standing became 90:73 in the meantime. Anđušić scored one more basket (90:75), at the very end Aranitović set the end result with a free throw (92:77).

Crvena Zvezda: Rebić, Thompson (2), Mekel (12), Lazić (14), Tejić (11), Simonović (6), Gudurić (10), Jović, Miller (17), Zirbes (7), Štimac (13)

KK Partizan: Cvetković (14), Aranitović (19), Jones (12), Marinković, Vitkovac (9), Đumić (5), Perović (4), Magdevski, Milutinović (7), Vrabac, Anđušić (4)


Current standing of the Liga:
1. Budućnost 15 points
2. CZ 14 points
3. Mega Leks 14 points
4. Cedevita 13 points
5. Union Olimpija 12 points
6. Igokea 12 points
7. MZT Skopje 12 points
8. Zadar 12 points
9. Krka 12 points
10. Cibona 11 points
11. Metalac 11 points
12. Partizan 10 points
13. Tajfun Šentjur 10 points
14. Sutjeska 10 points

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