Monday, November 9, 2015

3 in 1 - volleyball, water polo and rugby

I owe you a few results from the week-end, now you get them all in bulk.
I start with the bad news, okay?...
Partizan’s volleyball team visited Novi Pazar in the 3rd round of the superliga and practically they were served with a K.O. The home team had an easy, 3:0 victory over us. They won the first two sets most probably without any special effort (the result of the first was 25:14, the second ended with 25:19). We picked ourselves together for the last part, we were even leading for a while, but Novi Pazar turned out to be stronger.
The hero of the day was again Dimitrije Pantić with 18 points

remember this name, I think we’ll hear about this kid later a lot

he is followed by Luka Veličković (9 points) and Aleksa Polomac (5 points). Marko Popović and Ivan Kostić both earned 4 points, while Dušan Lopar and Boris Buša both scored 3.

Current championship standings:
1. Novi Pazar 7 points
2. Niš 6 points
3. CZ 6 points
4. Vojvodina 6 points
5. Spartak Ljig 6 points
6. Klek 5 points
7. Radnički 3 points
8. Partizan 3 points
9. Ribnica 2 points
10. Inđija 1 point


The water polo team welcomed PVK Jadran in the 7th round of Triglav Liga.
It wasn’t a happy match. The guests were leading for the whole time. The first quarter ended with 2:3, it became 5:8 for the half time. At the end of the third quarter guests were leading to 8:11, and the game ended with 10:12.
The best player of the match was actually our goalkeeper Dimitrije Rističević, with 11 saves (at the other side Kandić had 7 saves). Among our goal scorers Gavril Subotić was the best with 3 goals, followed by Nikola Jakšić (2 goals). Lukas Gilen, Marko Manojlović, Radomir Drašović, Đorđe Tanasković and Filip Radojević all scored 1-1 goal.

Current standing of the Liga:
1. Dubrovnik 24 points
2. Jadran HN 21 points
3. Primorje 18 points
4. Partizan 10 points
5. Mladost 10 points
6. Mornar 7 points
7. CZ 6 points
8. POŠK 4 points
9. Vojvodina 3 points
10. Radnički 2 points

And finally some good news: Partizan’s rugby team won over Crvena Zvezda to 30:26 and so they qualified to the championship final, where they’ll clash with Dorćol for the title.


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