Friday, November 20, 2015

Niš - OK Partizan 3:2 (superliga, round 5)

Isn’t it a fantastic feeling to get to know about a match that was played the day before. May the sky fall onto the entire lazy sports media for giving absolutely no damn on the volleyball superliga (among others).
In the first part we made a fantastic resurrection. The home team was leading to 16:9, finally we switched the standing and won to 25:27. In the second part the home team was leading constantly, always with 2-3 points, eventually winning it to 25:20, equalizing the standing to 1:1. Then came the third part, it was uncertain for the whole time who would win it. Finally we did, with blood and sweat, to 23:25, taking back the lead. For the fourth set (as reports say) Partizan started to get exhausted a bit. The home team kept on blocking all our attempts, which helped them winning it to 25:18. They equalized, so the decision about who’d win was left for the last game.
This last part was the drama of dramas as the official report says. There were 70 (!) fouls and mistakes counted, finally Niš won to 20:18, eventually winning the match itself after more than three and a half hours of battle.
The hero of the day was again Dimitrije Pantić with 20 points. He is followed by Boris Buša and Luka Veličković (15-15), Dušan Lopar (10) and Aleksa Polomac (8).

League table will be brought later.

Update: current championship standings
1. Vojvodina 12 points
2. Novi Pazar 10 points*
3. Niš 9 points
4. CZ 9 points*
5. Spartak Ljig 9 points
6. Klek 8 points
7. Partizan 7 points
8. Radnički 5 points
9. Ribnica 2 points
10. Inđija 1 point

Teams marked with * have played only 4 matches so far.

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