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FK Partizan - Novi Pazar 3:0 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 18)

Apologies to everyone that I post the match report only now. Yesterday I was brought under yoke for the whole day. I could watch the game only today, ArenaSport broadcasted it as a re-run.
The two teams walked out to the field in heavy rain, in front of almost empty stands. The official match report talks about 1000 spectators altogether.

1000 (one thousand) people. Not more. Even in the southern tribune there was only a handful of fanatics.

Partizan dashed themselves against Novi Pazar at once. Right in the first minute Ninković ran up with the ball in the middle, but a defender tackled him. Novi Pazar led a counter-attack, but Kljajić caught the ball at the end.

Interesting, now, that Saša Ilić was the team captain, this backward-passing and fumbling all disappeared. We attacked, we ran, we were full of fire.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

In the 7th minute Saša Ilić passed the ball to Bojinov at the penalty area line. Bojinov ran up, two defenders put him into a "sandwich", the Bulgarian fell on the ground. A minute later Subić sent a cross from the left to the other side, to Aboubakar. Aboubakar shot with a bicycle kick, it was too high.
In the 18th minute Saša Ilić gave a spectacular pass to Ninković. Ninković immediately shot, it was too wide. In the next minute again Saša Ilić passed, now out to the left side, to Subić. It was a genial movement, Subić dribbled himself through the defenders and shot, missing it barely.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

Novi Pazar got stuck in their own half, they could get out of the bunker around the 24th minute. Kostić ran up on the left, but his attempt ended in a corner. In the 26th minute they got a free kick about 30 metres from our goal line. The shot was blocked by Ćirković.
In the 27th minute Aboubakar had the ball, sending a cross to Bojinov. Bojinov shot, it was too high.
In the 33rd minute Novi Pazar attacked again. Stevanović ran up on the left, then Vusljanin got the ball. Again Ćirković interfered.
A minute later Saša Ilić got a pass. He forwarded it to Bojinov, but the ball hit a defender and had a small curve, making Bojinov speed up to catch it. Bojinov did speed up, overtaking the player of Novi Pazar running next to him and walked into the net with the ball. 1:0

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

I don’t like this Bulgarian, to be honest. I find him slow and ponderous, meanwhile he is constantly showing off in social media and in the press. Now, maybe as the impact of Saša Ilić, or maybe not, Bojinov sped up. He ran, he dribbled, he gave passes and crosses and he even scored a great goal.

In the 37th minute Bojinov sent a great cross to Babović. Babović got the ball at the penalty area line, then run up with it to the baseline


eventually he passed it to the middle. Aboubakar arrived, but the pass was too high for him.
In the 42nd minute Ćirković passed to Ninković. Ninković ran up on the left, dribbled himself to the middle, shot, Novi Pazar’s goalkeeper had a big save. The ball dropped to Babović, who slid himself into the middle, but his attempt was too wide.
In the 44th minute we got a free kick, 20-22 metres from the goal line, on the right. Babović stood behind the ball, but his shot hit the wall. The ball dropped back to him, Babović shot again, now it was too wide.
In the second half it was raining even heavier. In the 47th minute Bojinov got the ball in the middle, he shot, it was too high. In the next minute Novi Pazar attacked, Pavlović possessed the ball, getting a cross from the left. Pavlović shot, Kljajić caught it.
Then in the 49th minute Ninković passed to Babović in the middle. Babović passed back to Ninković. Džigi made himself a place to kick, then he sent a bomb shot from 17 metres right into the middle of the net. 2:0

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

At this point Partizan’s advantage was clearly visible. It was not even a question who was better.
In the 55th minute Novi Pazar missed out a big chance. Rušević sent a distant shot to the goal line. It was dangerous, barely missing our goal, Kljajić was very lucky.
In the 58th minute Bojinov got a pass. He ran up, sent a cross to the middle, it was a bit long, but Babović could save it before it would have rolled out through the baseline. He shot it back to the middle, Ninković arrived, but defenders cleared the area.
In the 59th minute Novi Pazar got a free kick 30 metres from our goal line. Kljajić saved.
In the 61st minute Andrija Živković joined the game after a long pause of injury (and other delays of different nature). He was greeted with applause and ovation by fans.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

In the 74th minute Pavlović ran up and sent a cross to the right. Stevanović got it, he immediately shot it on the goal. The ball rolled ahead - even this scene was dangerous, but then Zilkić appeared out of the blue on the left, grabbed the ball and shot. Subić threw himself in the way, presenting the Save of the Year.

Subić had a great day. He played through the entire left side, he attacked, had attempts, meanwhile he had such life-saving moments. Keep up the great work!

In the 83rd minute Bojinov had a huge solo in the middle. He was surrounded by 4 defenders, but he could send a cross even from among them to Andrija Živković in the right side. Živković was overtaken by a defender, but Žile could still get back the ball. He shot, right onto the side net.
In the 85th minute Andrija Živković was on the right side with the ball. He forwarded it to Babović, Babović sent it ahead to Saša Ilić. Saša Ilić passed to Šaponjić with a small, delicate movement. Šaponjić shot, it was too high.
In the 86th minute we got a corner kick. Ninković got the ball, he kicked it to Andrija Živković in the middle. Živković shot, too high.
In the 89th minute Babović passed the ball to Andrija Živković, to the right side. Živković dribbled himself into the middle and shot, the goalkeeper had a great save.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

It was already the very end of the game, when in the 90+2nd minute Vulićević tackled a Novi Pazar-player. He ran up with the ball and passed to Saša Ilić. The Captain forwarded it to Ninković, who arrived on the left side like a nuclear bomb. Ninković got it, shot it and scored. 3:0




Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 1000
Referee: Milorad Mažić (assistants: Milovan Ristić, Dalibor Đurđević - 4th assistant: Uroš Stojković - goal line assistants: Novak Simović, Róbert Kis-Csepegi)

FK Partizan: Kljajić - Vulićević, Bandalovski, Ćirković, Subić - Jevtović (Petrović, 68.) - S. Ilić - Aboubakar (A. Živković, 62.), Babović, Ninković - Bojinov (Šaponjić, 82.)
Head coach: Ljubinko Drulović

Novi Pazar: Zečević - Stevanović, Trtovac, Vuković, Kostić - Pavlović, Osmanagić (Zilkić, 68.), Todorović (Obrovac, 53.) - Šarac, Radivojević (Rušević, 42.) - Vusljanin
Vezetőedző: Radmilo Ivančević

Goal scorer: Bojinov (34.), Ninković (49., 90+2.)
Yellow card: Ćirković (36)., Stevanović (88.)

League table will be brought later.

Update: current championship standings
1. CZ 50 points
2. Čukarički 32 points
3. Borac 31 points
4. Partizan 29 points
5. Radnički Niš 28 points
6. Javor 26 points
7. Vojvodina 25 points
8. Mladost 24 points
9. FK Voždovac 22 points
10. Surdulica 21 points
11. Novi Pazar 20 points
12. OFK Beograd 18 points
13. Metalac 18 points
14. Jagodina 15 points
15. Rad 14 points
16. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 9 points

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