Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pro Recco - VK Partizan 15:3 (Champions League, Round 2)

Dear fellow fans, I don’t even remember when was the last time we were defeated with such a difference.
By the way, again no channel broadcasted the game. Well, maybe it was for the better... But I owe a huge thank you and hats off to Pro Recco, who had a live score "broadcast" at their Facebook-page during the entire game, often making the text broadcast more exciting with short, few-seconds-long action-videos.

Average Fan’s finger got stuck on the F5 button.
I’d suggest this method to other teams. It doesn’t require any financial invest, just a bit of creativity. Videos can be recorded with any kind of smartphone and can easily be uploaded to Facebook (or to Vine or any other video sharing site with a link on Facebook). It can be especially effective with games that are not broadcasted by TV. Fans would surely highly appreciate it.

Pro Recco took the lead right after the starting whistle. At this point we equalized with Subotić’s goal (1:1), and then... then we ceased to be an opponent of equal level.
That’s the sad truth.
At 3:1 Vučinić scored, we finished the first quarter with 5:2.
In the half time the home team was leading to 6:2, as for us, watching one of these short videos, we missed out a penalty.
We earned our third (and last) goal in the 3rd quarter, soon before the end buzz, at 9:2 (!!!). Drašović was our goal scorer.
Then in the last quarter Italians brutally knocked us out. The partial result of the quarter was 6:0 (!!!).

That’s all, folks. We have to wait a bit for the league table, not all games are finished as of now.

Update: here's the league table. Current standing of Group B:
1. Pro Recco 6 points
2. Dubrovnik 6 points
3. Szolnok 6 points
4. OSC Budapest 0 point
5. Galatasaray 0 point
6. Partizan 0 point

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