Saturday, November 28, 2015

VK Partizan - Galatasaray 9:8 (Champions League, Round 3)

I can get totally pissed when RTS 2 (when ONLY RTS 2) broadcasts a match, because it is more than 100 % sure that all working streams will die for that time. I’m sure it’s especially for me. As an extra aggravation, no stream was available at all even at international stream sites

did Turks not broadcast the game? Or anybody else? I can’t believe it

so there was nothing left but waiting for the pigeon-post from Fellow Fan, who sent the news about the result.
But we won and that’s the most important.

(photo: Twitter)

The boys walked out to the pool, smiled around, splashed into the water, then Galatasaray took the lead (0:1). Radojević equalized with a left-handed bomb shot (1:1), but the guests took back the lead right before the end of the quarter (1:2).
In the second quarter it was Gavril Subotić time. He equalized (2:2), then we even took the lead with Lazić’s goal (3:2). Both teams kept on shooting and scoring, one after the other. The standing was 4:4, when just before the end Subotić brutally shot another goal. We finished the first half with 5:4.
In the third quarter Drašović and Radojević came, saw and the standing was already 7:4. Jakšić also scored from penalty (8:4). While at our goal line Rističević again saved all attempts of the opponent. At the end of the quarter Turks scored a goal, we were heading to the final part with 8:5.
For the fourth quarter Galatasaray sped up. They made it to 8:6. Jakšić scored again (9:6). Turks didn’t slow down, they probably mobilized all their spare energies. They reduced the difference to 9:8, but eventually they couldn’t gain any points.

(photo: Facebook/Partizan is life)

The hero of the day was Dimitrije Rističević with 10 saves, while among the "fieldsmen" it was Gavril Subotić with 3 goals. He is followed by Jakšić and Radojević (2-2 goals). Lazić and Drašović both scored 1-1 goal.

Gavril Subotić

League table will be brought later.

Update: current standing of Group B
1. Pro Recco 9 points
2. Dubrovnik 9 points
3. Szolnok 6 points
4. Partizan 3 points
5. OSC Budapest 0 point
6. Galatasaray 0 point

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