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Jagodina - FK Partizan 2:2 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 17)

After yesterday’s basketball victory celebration today came football and sobering up.
The result looks awful even in itself, just looking at it (Jagodina is the 15th on the league table, followed only by Spartak Zlatibor Voda), especially knowing that we played again this scandalous anti-football and we can thank only our great luck that we could squeeze out a draw.
Jagodina attacked already in the 3rd minute. Martinović got the cross from left, he shot, Kljajić saved.
In the 6th minute Ghanaian player Francis ran up suddenly on the right, all alone, finally Fabricio blocked him.
Then it was just the usual. We passed the ball backwards, fumbled, never attacked. We were like a 3rd league team.
In the 9th minute we got a corner kick. It was just a small kick this time, Babović got the ball, he shot it inside the penalty area, the goalkeeper caught it.
Then in the 11th minute again Francis ran up on the right

yes, our left side defense was again like a corridor - theoretically Bandalovski was our left defender, but the Bulgarian was totally out of shape

he passed it to the middle, with no flag up. Popović got the ball, passing it ahead to Uroš Nikolić. Nikolić shot and scored. 1:0
In the 15th minute a little dog ran into the field. The poor fellow looked very nervous, it probably got scared by the fans’ firecrackers.

The game was a bit on halt, finally the little four-legged could be carried off the field.

Why did Partizan not sign this dog? It’s quick, smart, loyal, has an excellent sense to play with balls. It wouldn't even need salary. Some daily dog food would be enough. It would make an ideal player. Oh, and fans would surely love it.

In the 22nd minute Francis shot from the middle. Someone from our defense line blocked him, but the home team got back the ball. One of their players shot again, barely missing the goal line.

...and we didn’t attack. Again we stayed on our half and passed the ball backwards. I just can’t believe it. Is this really the maximum the players can bring out of themselves?...

In the 26th minute there was a huge goalmouth scramble in our penalty area. Jagodina players were passing the ball here and there, finally someone from Partizan’s defense line cleared the area downfield. The ball dropped right to Filipović, he shot, it was too high.
Two minutes later Stevanović sent a distant shot to Jagodina’s goal line. It was weak, imprecise and way too wide.
In the 34th minute Savković got a great pass from the half line on the left side. There was no flag up, the assistant didn’t wave, Savković ran up all alone

why is it always that the speed of our defense line is worse than of a rheumatic snail?...

he shot, barely missing it. Two minutes later Jagodina got a free kick 25 metres from our goal line at the right side. Kick in, right to Gašić. It was very dangerous, for our great luck Gašić missed it.
Then in the 40th minute Grbić got a red card. The slow motion replay showed Grbić and Knežević wrestling with each other. It was an equal fight, with both players being deeply involved (i.e. they were hitting and pulling each other heavily), then Knežević suddenly decided to fall on the ground and play the dying swan from "Swan Lake". The referee absolutely appreciated his act and sent off Grbić immediately.

In the 44th minute Jagodina got a corner kick. This time it was just a short pass, then came a cross, which was headed right into our net by Popović. 2:0

Kljajić in shock

Even those on the bench can’t believe their eyes

Hell broke loose. Fans threw firecrackers and shouted "Uprava napolje".

I think you can imagine what kind of a deep trouble we could be in, that head coach Ljubinko Drulović decided to send in Saša Ilić as a substitute for the second half.
Fans still kept on shouting "Uprava napolje".

I wonder how Vazura and Vučelić can look into the mirror after all these.
No, wait. I tell you how: they explain themselves that they are not guilty for anything. The players are to blame, the referees, the journalists, the bloggers, the weather, the UFOs and the Reptilians.

What is in fact very sad that from the moment Saša Ilić joined the game, we actually started to attack. Saša Ilić built up attacks, he kept them under his control, he set them up, sending fantastic cross passes to the middle (where that talentless, wooden-legged, social media husar Bojinov screwed them up time after time). This is what is very sad, that an almost 40-year-old veteran player has to join the team to be able to make something that resembles football.

All the others still haven’t lived up even to tie the laces on his football shoes

In the 50th minute Babović got a fantastic cross pass from Saša Ilić. Babović fumbled a bit

please, someone tell me, why does he have to make a 360 degrees turn in the goalmouth, when he gets a pass? At such times you just simply have to shoot, don’t you?

then eventually he shot, but goalkeeper Đorđe Nikolić easily caught it.
Our defense line was as weak as an autumn fly. Fabricio was just one more person in the team, without much benefit (the Brazilian's only luck is that there's nobody to his place to substitute him), while Bandalovski just didn't work.

In my memories Bandalovski stayed as a multi-functional, reliable, talented player. What the hell happened to him that he was his own parody at this match?...

In the 53rd minute we got a free kick 25 metres from the goal line. Babović shot, Bojinov screwed it up.
Then another dog came to the field :) This one was a bigger, black dog, very friendly, wagging its tail.

Let’s sign it!...

From the southern front again came "Uprava napolje".

We should make this dog the president of FK Partizan. What do you think?

In the 67th minute Saša Ilić crossed to Bojinov from the left side. Bojinov kicked the ball right into the goalkeeper from about 20 centimetres.

Bojinov holding his head - we could see him in this pose quite a few times during this game

In the 68th minute Ninković shot Saša Ilić’s pass on the goal from the left, the goalkeeper caught it.

How great it was to see this Saša Ilić-Ninković teamwork... Two players who know and understand each other very well. Memories came back... My God, how I miss those victorious games, when the only question was how many goals we should score to the opponent...

In the 72nd minute Martinović shot from the distance, all of a sudden, Kljajić saved. Two minutes later Ninković sent a free kick from 30 metres into the penalty area. Bojinov headed it and this time he could make it. The ball fell into the net. 2:1

In the 81st minute Ninković ran up on the left with the ball. Saša Ilić got his cross, passing it ahead to Bojinov. Bojinov shot, the goalkeeper saved. Corner kick, the ball came to the goalmouth, right to Bojinov. Bojinov headed it, missing the goal line only with 2 centimetres.
In the 84th minute we attacked again. A pass came from the left, Saša Ilić stepped over the ball with a fantastic reflex and routine, bringing Babović in position. This time Babović thankfully didn’t start to make rounds with the ball, he plain and simply shot - and scored. 2:2
After our 2nd goal both teams sped up, making a quite exciting game for the end. In the 86th minute Jagodina attacked, one of them shot from the middle. Kljajić saved, we could start a counter-attack. Bojinov got the ball (I’m not sure who passed to him, Saša Ilić or Ninković), he shot, but it was too high.
And again the big black dog ran into the field :)
In the 85th minute, well, I don’t know where Fabricio looked at, and where didn’t, but a loose ball came from him (and it was not the first time he made it), right to Jerković. Jerković ran up, shot, too high.
In the 90th minute Ninković ran up again on the left, passing to Bojinov, but Bojinov again fumbled and missed it out.

It was unbelievable. Now this Bulgarian could be put into position, unlike earlier, when he was just standing in the goalmouth being totally inactive, because nobody served him with the ball. Now he got excellent crosses, both by Ninković and Saša Ilić, and he could score only once.

 Ballet Šaponjić-style, some time in the second half

For the end Jagodina put our goal line under fire. In the 90+2nd minute Savković came up to our goalmouth on the right. He shot, Kljajić pushed the ball to corner kick. A minute later Marić shot, too high. Then Deletić, too wide. In the 90+5th minute Jerković shot, barely missing it. Finally, right before the final whistle Deletić possessed the ball and shot from a sharp left angle, barely missing it.



Venue: City stadium, Jagodina
Number of spectators: 2000
Referee: Nenad Đokić (assistants: Marko Dimitrijević, Slobodan Pavlović - 4th assistant: Ivica Stojanović - goal line assistants: Milorad Milićević, Zoran Široki)

Jagodina: Đ. Nikolić - Miladinović, Gašić, Filipović, Marić - Martinović, Knežević (Ožegović, 49.) - Francis, U. Nikolić (Deletić, 80.), Savković - Popović (Jerković, 73.)
Head coach: Miljojko Gošić

FK Partizan: Kljajić - Vulićević, Ćirković, Fabricio, Bandalovski - Jevtović (Šaponjić, 79.), Lukić (S. Ilić, 46.) - Grbić, Babović, Stevanović (Ninković, 67.) - Bojinov
Head coach: Ljubinko Drulović

Goal scorers: U. Nikolić (11.), Popović (44.), Bojinov (74.), Babović (84.)
Yellow card: Knežević (42.), Ćirković (69.), Popović (70.)
Red card: Grbić (40.)

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 47 points
2. Borac 31 points
3. Čukarički 29 points
4. Radnički Niš 28 points
5. Partizan 26 points
6. Javor 26 points
7. Mladost 23 points
8. FK Voždovac 22 points
9. Vojvodina 22 points
10. Surdulica 20 points
11. Novi Pazar 20 points
12. Metalac 18 points
13. OFK Beograd 15 points
14. Rad 13 points
15. Jagodina 12 points
16. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 8 points

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

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