Tuesday, November 17, 2015

KK Zadar - KK Partizan 65:61 (Adriatic League, Round 10)

Again a game which was won by the referees for the opponent, damn it.

I hate this rotten league. It’s impossible that only such corrupted referees are available, and there’s not a single game without scandalous judgements. This entire league should be bombed to the ground, and re-built from scratch.

Earlier this week there were (unofficial) rumours that Mihajlo Andrić’s injury is much more serious than it was expected, so Partizan’s small forward is unavailable for quite a while
Partizan’s newly signed American-Finnish player Jamar Wilson debuted on this match.
The game started with a minute of silence for the memory of the terror attack victims in Paris.

At the startoff Jones grabbed the ball, he even scored but the referees invalidated his basket for some reason.
The first quarter was terrible. Zadar sped up and made it to 8:1. For us nothing worked. The home team’s defense was brutal, they blocked all our attempts. The standing was 15:7, when Wilson entered the court.
After he entered, he scored a floater as well.

We started to reduce the difference, slowly, with blood, sweat and the teamwork of Wilson and Vitkovac. The standing was 15:14, with great battle on the court. Players had combative fight (at some points they played some basketball as well...), at a point you could see Vrabac and Wilson, being pressured into the floor by a few Croatian players. Home team members didn’t spare their energies to tear Partizan-players to pieces. Referees didn’t mind it, they watched with great amusement how Croats make ćevapi from our boys. We finished the first part with 21:14.
Right at the beginning of the second part Vitkovac quickly scored a 3-pointer (21:17), he even got a bonus shot (21:18), the situation looked much less depressing. Just the problem was that Croatians made a 6-point series (27:18). We still reduced the difference to 6 points, thanks to Vitkovac.

It wasn’t that easy for Vitkovac either, Croatians put him into a "sandwich" whenever he could get the ball

Then nothing worked for quite a while. Zadar made a blockade around their backboard, stole the ball, for our luck they scored only from a free throw (29:21). Then finally Wilson scored for us (29:23), but Zadar increased the difference to 10+ points (34:23). Here Vitkovac took control into his hands.

It was amazing what this guy was doing in the second quarter.

He alone reduced the difference to 36:28.
What is more, at the very end Vrabac threw the ball to the basket from the half line - and he scored! But referees invalidated his score.

Krka did the same at the match ending buzz, referees validated the score for them. May the entire league rot in hell for ever.

Cvetković is trying to find his way near Zadar’s American player Cosey, while Perović and Anđušić are assisting

We started the third quarter with Milutinović’s 3-pointer (38:31). At 40:32 it was his turn again (40:35). Then came Marinković, he even got a bonus shot (40:38). The differenc was only 2 points. Zadar sped up, using an aggressive foul-court press (44:38). There was again a great battle on the court with one-to-one fights. Milutinović reduced the difference to 4 points (44:40). Then at 46:42 Marinković made an amazing steal and...

Then came Jones.
First he equalized (46:46), then took us the lead (46:49) and didn’t stop (46:51). Referees quickly put themselves into action, after a multiple-men fight they whistled foul to Cvetković. The slow motion replay did not show anything, while Cvetković got a laughing fit after hearing the referees’ judgement. Zadar got their fine little free throw, they thanked (48:51) and they even equalized before the end of the quarter (51:51).
In the last part it was the same as in the beginning of the game, Jones scored, the referees invalidated his basket. There was such a great battle on the court, especially at Partizan’s backboard that at this point ArenaSport’s commentator got a laughing fit. Never mind, Jones scored again, now it was valid (51:53) and then came Milutinović’s fantastic moment.

At 54:57 Jones came, saw and scored again (54:59). Zadar again equalized (59:59), they even got a free throw. None of the two shots could get into the ring; Partizan was about to run up and attack, when the referees whistled and Zadar had to re-throw the second shot. That got into the ring (60:59).

Thanks, you idiotic referee. We’ll never forget this to you.

From this point we were struggling. At 62:60 Cvetković was fouled out. At 64:60 Aranitović got a smash into his face under Zadar’s backboard, but referees didn’t care. There were only 8 seconds left from the game, when Vitkovac clashed with a Zadar-player. Partizan’s power forward fell onto the ground, it was so tough that he had to leave the court.
I bet you find out what happened next.
You’re right. Referees whistled foul - on Vitkovac. With this surprise free throw Zadar won the game (65:61).

KK Zadar: Bašić, Cosey (10), Kraljević (8), Šango, Delaš (27), Špaleta, M. Ramljak (2), Bošnjak, I. Marinković (6), Barać (6), I. Ramljak (6), Pašalić

KK Partizan: Cvetković (3), Aranitović, Jones (16), V. Marinković (7), Vitkovac (13), Đumić (2), Koprivica, Perović, Milutinović (11), Vrabac, Wilson (7), Anđušić (2)


Current standing of the League:
1. Budućnost 18 points
2. CZ 17 points
3. Cedevita 17 points
4. Mega Leks 17 points
5. Igokea 15 points
6. Zadar 15 points
7. Krka 15 points
8. MZT Skopje 14 points
9. Union Olimpija 14 points
10. Cibona 14 points
11. Tajfun Šentjur 14 points
12. Metalac 14 points
13. Partizan 13 points
14. Sutjeska 13 points

(photos: Facebook/KK Partizan)

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