Saturday, October 31, 2015

OK Partizan - Inđija 3:1 (superliga, round 2)

In the second round of the volleyball superliga Partizan welcomed Inđija and won over them in a very narrow match that brought nip-and-tuck fight.
We won the first game to 27:25, but the standing constantly kept on changing, once with us on the lead, then with the guests. At first they were leading to 7:8, not allowing us to grab the lead for a longer time. Inđija was still leading to 15:16, and the standing was so open that nobody could predict who’d win. Finally we took the lead (21:20) and won the set with hard fight.
The second part was the same tough, with the same, always-changing standing, being absolutely open until the end. It was 20:21 when we heated up the Parni valjak and won the set to 25:23 with blood and sweat.

It’s not easy now, a lot of players left the team. Last year’s ace scorer Milija Mrdak has gone as well as the two Nikolić’s, Marko and Petar. The current name list is full of new players.

In the third set Inđija sped up. They grabbed our throat, used black magic, bewitched us and left us behind to 8:16. It didn’t become any easier even later, they kept themselves to 13:21, finally winning it to 18:25.
For the final part we warmed up our reserve energies, so did the opponent. Very narrow battle, one point here, one point there, nerves in pieces. We had a 21:16 advantage, but Inđija reduced it to 21:20 and it was so narrow that we could feel their blood-thirsty breath on the back of our neck. Finally at 24:23 we had the match ball, made it to 25:23 and won the 3 points.
The hero of the day is Luka Veličković with 18 points, followed by Dušan Lopar with 16 points. Marko Popović scored 15 points, Dimitrije Pantić made 14. They are followed by Aleksa Polomac (7), Ivan Kostić (5), Boris Buša, Vukasin Nedeljković and Nemanja Jokanović (1-1).
If there’s any photo or video about the game, I’ll update the post.

Luka Veličković, the hero

Current championship standings:
1. Klek Srbijašume 5 points
2. Niš 4 points
3. Novi Pazar 4 points
4. Spartak Ljig 3 points
5. CZ 3 points
6. Vojvodina 3 points
7. Radnički 3 points
8. Partizan 3 point
9. Inđija 1 point
10. Ribnica 1 point

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