Monday, October 5, 2015

Mega Leks - KK Partizan 76:59 (Adriatic League, Round 2)

After yesterday's tense game today we presented how not to play basketball.
We had no lack of fighting spirit or "I wanna win"-mentality, don't take me wrong. We just make a big heap of mistakes.

And my net was on the verge of death in the entire first half.

After two minutes Mega Leks was leading to 9:0. Petar Božić quickly asked for time-out. After that Đumić scored (9:2), but Mega Leks successfully practiced the foul court press tactics (14:2). Our attacks were unsuccessful, and our defense was like a passage-way this time (16:2). Finally, step by step, with the baskets fo Magdevski and Marinković as well as Vrabac’s free throw we reduced the difference to 18:11 for the end of the first quarter.

The duo of Koprivica and Vitkovac

In the second quarter we equalized (18:18), then as much as the always lagging scream allowed me to see it, Mega Leks sped up (29:21) and kept their pace.

Magdevski trying to hold Jaramaz back, with not much success

At the end, at 36:30 Cvetković scored a 3-pointer, right before the buzz. The half-time result was 36:33.
In the third quarter we made it to 38:35. Mega Leks continued their foul court press tricks, with lots of steals and turnovers. The difference grew soon to 9 points (46:37). Marinković and Cvetković together reduced it to 46:42.

Marinković vs. Mega Leks’s French player Luwawu

At 49:42 Vrabac scored with a hook (49:44). Mega Leks again sped up (53:45), at the end again Cvetković scored a 3-pointer (53:48).

Đumić and Milutinović

At the beginning of the last quarter we equalized again (53:53).

That was all we could do, to equalize sometimes. We couldn’t take the lead once. We made a lot of mistakes missing out a huge number of chances. Mega Leks just had to take advantage of our missed attempts.

The home team quickly started to score, they didn’t stop until 65:53. Meanwhile the referees gave technical foul to Cvetković (later he was fouled out), then Vrabac reduced the difference to 10 points (66:56).

Vrabac and Luwawu. The Frenchman scored the most points during the game

After Magdevski’s free throw it has reduced to one digit (66:57), but we couldn’t be happy with it for too long (72:57). Đumić scored one basket (72:59), but Mega Leks could still throw 2 more (76:59).

Mega Leks: Simić, A. Aranitović (7), Đoković (2), Jaramaz (13), Veljković (1), Musić, Samardžiski (12), Pavlović, Luwawu (27), Simeunović, Nikolić (6), Janković (8)

KK Partizan: Cvetković (9), P. Aranitović, Marinković (13), Petrov, Vitkovac (4), Đumić (6), Koprivica, Perović (7), Magdevski (3), Glišić, Vrabac (13), Milutinović (4)

Complete league table will be brought to you tomorrow.

Update: current standing of the League:
1. CZ 4 points
2. Cedevita 4 points
3. MZT Skopje 3 points
4. Mega Leks 3 points
5. Union Olimpija 3 points
6. Tajfun Šentjur 3 points
7. Zadar 3 points
8. Igokea 3 points
9. Budućnost 3 points
10. Krka 3 points
11. Cibona 3 points
12. Metalac 3 points
13. Sutjeska 2 points
14. Partizan 2 points


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