Sunday, October 11, 2015

Primorje - VK Partizan 15:3 (Triglav Liga, Round 4)

In a short and laconic style: Croatians killed us.
None of the channels broadcasted it, as usual, the available informations are minimal. What is known is that Primorje was leading to 4:1 in the first quarter. For the half-time it grew to 7:1, at the end of the third quarter it was already 10:1. We could score two more goals in the final quarter, but the Croatians scored 5 at the same time.
Nevertheless it says all that 60 % of all Croatian attempts reached the goalmouth, while Partizan's ratio is only 20 %... or the fact that Primorje's goalkeeper saved 72 % of our attempts, while Rističević could do only 11%...

Where the hell has our defense gone?...

Our goals were scored by Subotić, Jakšić and Vico.
Now go and cry.

Current standing of the Liga:
1. Dubrovnik 12 points
2. Jadran HN 12 points
3. Primorje 9 points*
4. Partizan 7 points
5. CZ 6 points
6. Mladost 4 points*
7. Mornar 3 points*
8. Radnički 0 point
9. Vojvodina 0 point
10. POŠK 0 point*

Teams marked with * have played only 3 games so far.

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