Tuesday, October 6, 2015

FK Partizan - Čukarički 0:1 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 12)

It’s unbelievable.
It’s getting more and more absurd. The best to do is to make some popcorn before the match, sit back and watch it as if it was some kind of comedy.
Well, if you can watch it.
Because, dear Readers, Fellow Fans and Grave Diggers, this match was broadcasted by no channel.
No, don’t ever ask why. It wasn’t, because it wasn’t.

Because for this lousy ArenaSport it was more important to broadcast a re-run of the neighbouring basketball team than this live match.
Though, to tell you the truth, maybe it was better this way. At least we didn’t have to watch this shameful game.

At the end of the first half a radio broadcast popped up from the depths of the internet. High five and big thanks to Sport FM Belgrade for the live coverage. (You can listen to them on FM 100,4 if you’re that lucky.) It was especially good because even though Partizan’s website has given a text coverage, their server always collapsed probably by the unusual amount of page downloads. (You could still follow the game at Flashcore.com.)
So, the official report says, the lights of Partizan Stadium started to glimmer in the 4th minute, so for the rest of the game they run on "economizer" program. How romantic it could have been. Partizan sped up in the beginning and dictated great pace, but around the 10th minute it was gone. Čukarički attacked more and more aggressively. First Srnić sent a dangerous bomb shot to our goal in the 12th minute from the left. The ball dropped through our penalty area and for our great luck it left the field through the line. Five minutes later Brašanac had an attempt, he shot with a turn from 7 metres, the goalkeeper saved.
In the 20th minute Bojić got a great pass. He left all Partizan-defenders behind and attacked the goal. It almost seemed so that he overfumbles it, but eventually he shot, Živko Živković had a great save.
Then in the 35th minute Čukarički got a free kick approx. 30 metres from the goal line, in the middle. Pjasentin stood there, kicked... and the ball fell into our net with a, well, hard to say, but perfect curve. 0:1

The fans were surely more spectacular than the game
(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

For the rest of the first half nothing ever happened out of two yellow cards (one of them was received by Fabricio, the other by Srnić).
In the second half, 47th minute Ostojić headed a corner kick too wide. Then two minutes later it seemed, Lady Fortune still likes us.
We got a penalty kick, a Čukarički-defender kicked Stevanović to the ground inside the penalty area.
Petar Grbić stood behind the ball. He ran up...
...and missed it out. He shot too high. As if the ball had hit the crossbar a bit. Čukarički’s goalkeeper happily punched into the air. Well, what can I say, I would have done the same if I were him.
In the 53rd minute Bojić sent a distant, flat shot to our goal. Barely missed. In the 58th minute a Čukarički-attack came from the right, but Živko Živković was faster than Mandić.
In the 68th minute Janković got a pass inside our penalty area. He dribbled, played around, he could do it, nobody interfered at all, our defenders were just watching him. Then he passed to his teammate - even he dribbled a bit (defenders watched him from distance), then he shot. Too high. Fans whistled and booed more and more angrily.
In the 70th minute Boljević plain and simply tackled a fumbling Partizan-defender (on our own half!) and ran up to our penalty area. He did it all alone, tried to find his place at the penalty area line, and when he did so, he shot. Too wide.
In the 72nd minute referee Mažić sent off Thiago. Second yellow card (if I could see well, this second yellow card was given to the Brazilian for acting). Wonderful. We are in power play.
Then ther was a bit of smoke pause, fans enjoyed themselves in the southern sector. At least they had fun. We didn’t.
Then we attacked. We had two attempts in a row, but goalkeeper Stevanović saved both, even though at the second there was a goalmouth scramble, Čukarički-defenders were just watching it, but their goalkeeper has good reflexes and caught the ball before Babović could have reached it.
In the 79th minute we got another penalty kick. Čukarički’s goalkeeper swpet Šaponjić away inside the penalty area.
Babović stood there to kick.
He missed, of course. He shot too high, so high the ball flew out of the stadium and hit the museum at the other side of the street. Čukarički-players had a spontaneous happy dance. It’s impossible. It just can’t be. We get two penalty gifts, and the opponent plays only with 10 players. And we can’t win. Not just win, we can’t even equalize. Svetozar Vukmanović turns in his grave.
For the end we had one more desperate attempt, but Šaponjić hit the side-net with his shot.
After the final whistle hell broke loose. Bitter fans whistled, booed, cursed and Babović lost his nerve. He ran out to the western tribune and...

(photos: Twitter)

(photo: hotsport.rs)

All we could see was Babović is totally out of himself yelling something towards the fans, while Grbić tries to stop him, without much success. This gesture he made then needs no further comment.
I just hope it will not remain without consequences and it will cost at least the captain’s armband for Babović

which he ab ovo doesn’t deserve

but a ballsy trainer would throw him out of the starting eleven, probably even from the reserve team.
Happy Birthday, Partizan.



Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 5000
Referee: Milorad Mažić (assistants: Milovan Ristić, Dalibor Đurđević - 4th assistant: Darko Savović - goal line assistants: Novica Anđelovski, Novak Simović)

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Vulićević, M. Ostojić, Fabricio, Subić - Lukić (Golubović, 85.), Brašanac - Trujić (Grbić, 46.), Babović, A. Stevanović - Bojinov (Šaponjić, 48.)
Head coach: Zoran Milinković

Čukarički: N. Stevanović - Stojković, Addy (Pjasentin, 13.), B. Ostojić, Boljević - Srnić, Janković - Jovanović (Pavlović, 84.), Bojić (Matić, 71.), Thiago - Mandić
Head coach: Vladan Milojević

Goal scorer: Pjasentin (35.)
Yellow card: Janković (16.), Thiago (17.), Stojković (26.), Fabricio (37.), Srnić (45.), Lukić (56.), Ostojić (68.)
Red card: Thiago (72.), second yellow card

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 32 points
2. Javor 22 points
3. Borac 21 points
4. Partizan 20 points
5. Vojvodina 20 points
6. Čukarički 18 points
7. Novi Pazar 18 points
8. Radnički Niš 16 points
9. Metalac 14 points
10. Mladost 14 points
11. Rad 13 points
12. FK Voždovac 11 points
13. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 11 points
14. OFK Beograd 9 points
15. Surdulica 9 points
16. Jagodina 9 points

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