Saturday, October 31, 2015

VK Partizan - Crvena Zvezda 15:3 (Triglav Liga)



Amazing, unbelievable.
We should make a bronze plaquett and hang it at the entrance of the Banjica swimming pool, with date, players’s name, highlighting the goal scorers. We defeated them with 12 goals, we didn’t just humiliate them, we tore them to pieces, buried them to 3 metres deep and even danced on their graves.
You get what I mean. When it’s about an eternal derby, one excepts the two teams to clash like roaring lions. The water boils up, underwater wrestling, one-to-one fighting, one sending-off after the other, with one or maybe two goals during an entire quarter, tension, drama and everything else.
Instead it was like a training match against a well-meaning, amateur team.
We walked out to the pool, the boys jumped into the water, we grabbed the ball at the kick-off and soon Radojević scored our first goal (1:0). Greek player Tigkas was the next (2:0), then Subotić scored from penalty (3:0). Partizan’s defense line worked perfectly, and if Zvezda could ever break our wall, then there was our Rističević, who saved their attempts. Jakšić also scored in the meantime, the result of the first quarter was 4:0.
We just started the second quarter, Zvezda’s players were still jumping into the water, when Subotić scored our 5th goal. Adžić also said ’hi’ (6:0), while at the other side Rističević saved all the attempts of the opponent with the elegance of an English lord. Radojević scored another (7:0), while Rističević was doing his job in an exemplary way.
Zvezda could do nothing with us. Our players tackled them smoothly, without struggle, while their attacks were desperate and extremely weak. The difference between the two teams was at least 3 leagues, but maybe more.
Subotić scored again (8:0). Red team can thank only their goalkeeper, that we were leading with 8 goals instead of 14, at least he had some try to keep us away from the goal line. (Not much though.) They pressed their very first goal into our net, sweating blood, right before the end buzz of the first half. The half-time result was 8:1.
Then we walked out to the second half. Manojlović settled back World Order in red heads right at the beginning, to make them clear who’s the boss in the house (9:1). Here the opponent could score another goal (9:2), but it meant no problem for us, because so could Drašović (10:2).
What is more.
In the second half of the quarter the referees gave a penalty to Zvezda.
And Rističević saved it!!!
Radojević quickly scored our 11th goal, we could start the final quarter with 11:2.
The guest team tried to pick themselves together for the last quarter, they had attempts, shots from distance and from near, but in fact on this match anybody could shoot from anywhere to Dimitrije Rističević. Dimitrije Rističević rolled down the shutters, let himself cradle with the waves, maybe even made a cocktail for himself while his teammates kept on scoring at the other side of the pool. Manojlović increased our difference to 10 goals (!!!), the standing was 12:2. Zvezda scored a third goal after a lot of struggles, but we settled back the two-digit advantage with Radojević’s goal (13:3). And as it’s always better to be safe than sorry, Drašović and Gogov scored two more for the end, demolishing the opponent into tiny pieces.
Dear Grave Diggers, fellow fans, I think this is definitely a match to remember!


(photo: Facebook/Partizan is life)

Current standing of the Liga:
1. Dubrovnik 15 points
2. Primorje 12 points
3. Jadran HN 12 points
4. Partizan 10 points
5. Mornar 6 points
6. CZ 6 points
7. Mladost 4 points
8. Radnički 1 point
9. POŠK 1 point
10. Vojvodina 0 point

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