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FK Radnik - FK Partizan 2:2 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 13)

Apologies for this belated blogpost, yesterday I couldn’t watch the game for technical reasons (in fact I could barely get near by any internet connection yesterday), so I write this blogpost only now, based on reports and video highlights.

Everything for you, dear Readers and Grave Diggers.

We walked out to the pitch of FK Radnik’s stadium, looked around and Stevanović scored already in the 8th minute, but even before he had two attempts. At the first, in the 4th minute Radnik lost the ball, a Partizan-player stole it and passed it to Stevanović on the left. He ran up and shot, the goalkeeper saved it to corner. Then in the 7th minute, if I could see well on the video, he and Bojinov kept on passing the ball to each other at Radnik’s penalty area

I didn’t see the shirt number of the other player clearly, but only Bojinov has these very flashy pink shoes

then Stevanović dribbled between two Radnik-defenders, then even a third one tried to tackle him, but failed. Then Stevanović shot, the goalkeeper had a great save.
At the goal Grbić ran up with the ball on the right, passed it to the middle, Stevanović thanked and headed it right into the net. 0:1

Grbić passes...

...Stevanović scores

In the 15th minute Radnik again lost the ball. Bojinov, about whom we could get to know that he had no idea where Surdulica can be found, but he likes Serbian music, most of all Ceca, Seka Aleksić and Sandra Afrika

you’re welcome for these extremely important infos

got it and ran up. He passed it to Stevanović, who was slaloming between two defenders, then almost fell on his face tripping over the goalkeeper. The attempt was eventually missed out.
Radnik’s first chance came in the 29th minute. Milovanović sent a distant, flat shot to our goal, but Živko Živković, who had a mud-bath in the entire first half, caught the ball.
In the 33rd minute again Grbić ran up with the ball on the right and passed it to the middle. Bojino was waiting there, he shot and scored. 0:2

"Hey, people, look at here, a miracle happened! I scored a goal!"

In the 37th minute Stevanović ran up with the ball on the left, then at the penalty area line he passed it to the middle (meanwhile he was swept over from behind by a defender, but referee Glođović didn’t really care). Subić got the ball, he passed it ahead to Grbić in the middle, but then the video highlights showed only a great goalmouth scramble, then someone kicked the ball out to the right, while Grbić fell on the ground, seemingly in pain. (The recording of SOS Kanal shows only Grbić clashing with a defender, but it can’t be seen whether the defender kicked the ball or Grbić’s ankle first.)

Radnik had an attempt in the 44th minute, Stanković shot from 20 metres, Živko Živković saved it. At the end of the first half Stevanović tried one more time, but Radnik’s goalkeeper was at his place.
In the second half Radnik reduced the difference in the 57th minute. Owusu got the ball and passed to one of the Stojanović’s, if I could see well. Stojanović passed it ahead to Stanković, the assistant didn’t wave offside, Stanković ran up and shot in the middle of the net, passing the ball near Živko Živković, who ran out of the goalmouth. 1:2
In the 60th minute Krstić got the ball and passed it to Stojanović into our penalty area. Stojanović shot, but it was too high. In the 66th minute Owusu got the ball and sent a distant, flat shot to our goal line, Živko Živković saved it. Then in the 68th minute, after a corner-kick Babović passed the ball to the middle. There Ostojić jumped up and headed the ball hitting the left goalpost with it.
In the 71st minute Owusu got the ball at the halfline and ran up, dribbling near Živko Živković, who ran out far from the goalmouth, even outside the penalty area. Then he passed the ball to Stanković, who ran up, left our defenders behind him including Partizan’s goalkeeper, who desperately tried to run back to the goal line. Stanković sent a bomb shot into the empty net of Partizan from 22 metres, and equalized. 2:2, I swear we deserved this goal, such a mistake can’t happen without consequences even at a U7-match.
Then not much later, after a Partizan-corner Radnik made a counter-attack. They ran up on the right, then the attacker suddenly stopped and passed the ball back to Stanković, who was a few steps behind. Stanković shot from 25-30 metres, it was too high.
In the 82nd minute Radnik again lost the ball. Babović grabbed it, pushed himself through 2 defenders and passed to Bojinov. Bojinov forwarded it to Ninković. Ninković dribbled, then shot from approx. 17 metres. The ball hit a defender and dangerously approached the goal line. Radnik’s goalkeeper made a great save.

Džigi, some time during the game

At the very end both teams had a weak attempt. Radnik’s attack was inactivated by Partizan-defenders, while at the other side Subić had a too high shot, from 5 meters or even less.



Venue: FK Radnik Stadium, Surdulica
Number of spectators: 4000
Referee: Vlado Glođović (assistants: Srđan Kaurin, Darko Savović - 4th assistant: Matija Olajos-Nagy - goal line assistants: Srđan Obradović, Novak Simović)

FK Radnik: Ristić - Marković, Krstić, Gojković, Milovanović - Ćulum (Baranin, 79.), Putinčanin, F. Stojanović (Mirković, 74.) - Owusu, S. Stojanović (Pejčić, 47.), Stanković
Head coach: Miloš Veselinović

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Vulićević, Ostojić, Ćirković, Subić - Jevtović, Brašanac - Grbić (Ninković, 76.), Babović, Stevanović (Trujić, 83.) - Bojinov
Head coach: Zoran Milinković

Goal scorers: Stevanović (8.), Bojinov (33.), Stanković (56., 70.)
Yellow cards: Ostojić (46.), Brašanac (60.), Stanković (72.), Ristić (90+4.)

League table comes later, there’s one game left from this round.

Update: current championship standings
1. CZ 32 points
2. Borac 24 points
3. Javor 23 points
4. Partizan 21 points
5. Čukarički 21 points
6. Vojvodina 20 points
7. Radnički Niš 19 points
8. Novi Pazar 18 points
9. Mladost 15 points
10. FK Voždovac 14 points
11. Metalac 14 points
12. Rad 13 points
13. OFK Beograd 12 points
14. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 11 points
15. Surdulica 10 points
16. Jagodina 9 points

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

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