Saturday, October 31, 2015

Radnički - RK Partizan 24:28 (superliga, round 7)

Partizan’s handball team travelled to Kragujevac today in the 7th round of superliga. The beginning of the game was a bit tough, Kragujevac took the lead (2:1, 3:2), then Radojković equalized in the 8th minute (3:3) and Mršulja took us the lead (3:4). Radnički managed to equalize (5:5, 6:6), then Živković took the lead again and from then on there was no stop until 6:12. Radnički reduced the difference to 9:12, but here Radojković, who was one of the best players tonight, scored one (9:13). Radnički threw one another goal in the 27th minute (10:13), but then Đuričić and Popović increased the difference to 5 goals. The half-time result was 10:15.
In the second half we were leading for the whole time, always with 3-4-5 or even 6 goals. 12:16, 14:20, 17:22, 19:24, 21:25. Radojković scored our last goal in the 59th minute (23:28), the home team reduced the difference with one goal at the very end (24:28).
The two heroes of the day were Mihajlo Radojković and Ivan Popović, both with 6 goals. They are followed by Igor Mršulja (4), Lazar Kukić and Darko Stevanović (3-3) as well as with Đorđe Šotra and Nemanja Živković (2-2). Andrija Đuričić joined the heroes’ list with one goal.

Mršulja is wrestling for the ball with Radnički’s player

Mass scene at an attack

Popović, Pižurica and Kukić join their forces to stop the attacker of Radnički

League table will be brought later.

Update: current championship standings
1. CZ 11 points
2. Sloga 11 points
3. Metaloplastika 11 points
4. Partizan 10 points
5. Požarevac 7 points
6. Rudar Kostolac 6 points
7. Morava 5 points
8. Jugović 5 points
9. Radnički 3 points
10. Železničar 1 point

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